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Sunday, October 02, 2011

School Daze of Rage

The original “Days of Rage” were a series of demonstrations organized by The Weathermen (Bill Ayers) in October 1969. Part of SDS, the Students for a Democratic Society, the grou planned to demonstrate against the Vietnam War.

SDS Organizer John Jacobs’ formal resolution was titled, “The Elections Don’t Mean S**t – Vote Where the Power Is – Our Power is in the Street”. He was in favor of direct action, which is essentially what a true democracy does – it dispenses with leadership, constitutions, councils, congresses, and elections.

Convincing drunken and boozed up college students couldn’t have been very hard. No more difficult than it would be a few years later at Kent State in Ohio. Today’s leaders are yesterday’s hippies. They’re doing what they know, and misleading a new generation of brainwashed college students.

Then it was Chiago; today it’s New York, one of the biggest “college towns” in the nation. Columbia, New York University, Fordham, Hunter College, Cornell, CUNY, just to name a few. Activists who want to gather a few thousand students for a demonstration don’t have to go very far. The student union buildings of these colleges, like Hunter, have billboards advertising for communists-in-training.

There are students and to spare, especially on the weekends. These demonstrations must count for some sort of extra credit coursework. If there was a course in Sixties Activisim, this is it. This is the Sixties all over again. Same tactics, same anger, same demographic. Different city. It’s just “totally cool” to be a part of something big.

The original radical Islamic attack on New York – what Homeland Security now calls “The Landmarks Plot”, which was to come on the heels of the first World Trade Center attack, supposedly went through a number of “campaign” names, including “Ring of Fire”, “Day of Fire,” and “Day of Rage.”

This weekend, the Ragers were arrested for blocking traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge. The students admitted they were wrong to do what they did, but they were “peacefully” wrong. They didn’t really hurt anybody. At least not yet. The Brooklyn Bridge has pedestrian lanes and traffic lanes. What were the Ragers doing on the traffic level, if not to “get in the way”?

The demonstrations in Europe are reminiscent of the European demonstrations in the 1960s. Soon enough, they found their way across the Atlantic to our shores. People were setting themselves on fire to protest the war. The “Arab Spring” began when a Tunisian vendor set himself ablaze because he was denied a permit to sell hot dogs.

Oil was at the heart of the Vietnam War. Capitalism itself is the target. It’s not enough that the Muslims brought the World Trade Center down into a smoldering heap; the anarchists won’t cease until our whole economy is in a shambles – and our president is leading the way.

All is not lost for Students for a Federated Republic, though. An organization called the Atlas Network is sponsoring their own campaign: The Morality of Capitalism Campaign: 2011-2012. Their Freedom Bus has been making a tour through Central Asia, providing support, books, and other materials to student to thelp them convince other students to abandon anti-capitalist ideas and embrace free market capitalist.

The American Tour began Sept. 7 at American University in Washington, D.C. and will end at Manhattan Institute on Jan. 4, 2010. For thirty years, Atlas has been a leader in the worldwide movement for individual liberty, free enterprise, and limited government under the rule of law. The organization consists of over 400 independent free market think tans and organizations based in the United States, and over 80 more around the world.

You can read more about Atlas Network at their website,


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