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Friday, September 30, 2011

GOP to Conservative Voters: Suck it Up?!

So Christie is rethinking running for president?  Well, what a surprise.  We are just shocked.  Shocked!  Word is he’s told his staffers to shut up (probably in just those words, too) and put out the story that it was the GOP elite who convinced his wife to reconsider.   Rumors are rampant about when he’ll announce.  One thing is certain – he doesn’t have much time before the deadline to register for the first primary.

Tell everyone you know Herman Cain is the guy.  If you look at the present field – including the coy Mr. Christie – you’ve got a main course of Mitt “Liberal Limousine Cuisine” Romney who will add his imprimatur to Obamacare.  He’s rich, but government-fattening.  The alternative is Rick “Pecos Patty” Perry, who comes across as 100 percent U.S. Grade A Beef.  But the side order with him is Illegal Immigrant chile, sure to give you heart-burn.  For a Texan, he’s a poor marksman; he managed to shoot himself right in the foot.  The next heavy-weight is the probable-candidate, our own N.J. governor Christie “Purple Couscos” Christie.  He’s one salty pretzel who fought the unions, yes, but refused to fight Obamacare, approves of green initiatives, defends illegal immigration, appointed a Muslim judge with a very questionable background to the N.J. Supreme Course, and he’s seriously considering making Palin’s mistake of abdicating his first-term governorship for a run at the White House.  Vote for him, but be prepared to take a hefty dose of Mylanta afterwards.  If he’s in favor of those fluorescent, corkscrew light bulbs, he ought to know that even though they save money while they’re on, constantly flipping them on and off wastes money and energy through the burst of energy it takes to get them started.  Christie has great energy and charisma.  If he were on our team, I’d be the first to sign up as one of his cheerleaders.  Alas, having him on the GOP ticket is waste of time, energy, and votes (he needn’t bother sneering back that he wouldn’t have a Tea Party conservative on his team, either; that’s already rather obvious).

What kind of menu is this to be offering to Conservative voters?  Do you know what diners who don’t like what’s on the menu do?  They stay home and cook their own dinners.

The rest of the candidates – except for Cain – are all side orders – lightweights.  Bachmann has good Conservative credentials but she needs more experience – at something.  She has had her own business, but she still seems a little green.  Cain’s experience has been at the corporate level and comes across more confident.  He’s obviously used to speaking in front of large gatherings.  Palin would have been great, but she was plucked off the vine too soon.  She should have been allowed to finish at least one term as governor, and maybe even another, then appointed to either a cabinet seat (Energy Secy) or run for the national senate seat.  For some reason, Pawlenty, who seemed to be pretty viable to those of us unacquainted with the ways of the Party Machine, dropped out.  Some skeleton must have been rattling in his closet.  Huntsman is an Obama buddy.  Scratch him off the menu. Gingrich would have been great but he sold out.  Former N.M. Gov. Gary “Don’t Boo the Gays” Johnson.  Sorry, but a military barracks or a naval sub isn’t the place to be displaying your sexual preferences.  You’re supposed to be making war, not love.  Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was the right move.  Salt and pepper in separate shakers at the commisary, please.

Those are the candidates:  A liberal in every pot, no matter who you pull the lever for. Some choice:  either you get one great big Liberal, like Obama, that we can doggie-bag for the next four, or worse, eight years.  Or we can take a little dose of liberalism.  Which means one of a number of things:  illegal immigrants will swarm over our borders and put a Liberal into office anyway at the next convenient presidential election.  We could have a green GOPer who’ll put every free market business out of business with green energy, global warming mandates.  Or we’ll all be under the yoke of socialist health care, paying for aspirin and sex-change operations for illegal aliens. 

Some Conservative voters are already talking about staying home.  Wouldn’t the Liberals and the GOP just love that?  Any way they look at it, they win and we lose.  Can’t you just hear the evil-villain snickering?  Or we can push back now, while we still can.  Most great presidents were already well-known long before they ever got to the White House.  Our best well-known prospects were shot down by the media long ago or were corrupted by the Liberals and their minions.  We may just have to take the gloves off and go back to our town squares, no matter what Glenn Beck thinks of signs, and give the Moderates what-for and one last wake-up call.  We can’t be nice it about, either.  We’re going to have to come straight out and let them know that they’re idiots.

We’re running out of time before the Liberals finish their mouse trap.  But for the GOP to tell us we have to lump it and eat our Moderate/Liberal greens does not bode well for people who care about America and freedom.


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