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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Classless Clown

You’d think we’d all be used to Obama and his faux pax by now.  Bowing to Middle Eastern potentates.  Insulting the Queen of England and her country by returning a bust of former Prime Minister Winston Churchill.  Declaring that the automobile was invented in the United States, of which he claims there are 57.  Stuttering through numerous speeches.  Some president of the United States he is.

Just when you think he can’t get any worse – he does something to top the last humiliation.  On Tuesday, he was part of a photo op at the United Nations.  Behaving like the class clown, he put his hand up in front of Mongolian President Tsakhia Elbegdorj's face as the camera flashed.  Photographers are used to this sort of nonsense, although they expect it of school kids, not world leaders.  Still, put people in a group and a class clown usually turns up.  Sadly, for the United States of America, that clown turned out to be our president.

The photographer took other photos, but of course it was the picture of our president making a fool of himself that made the papers, websites, blogs, and Twitter.  Nothing like a little adolescent humor to distract everyone’s attention from the fact that the Arab world is hell-bent on wiping Israel out of existence.

Obama, the sophomore, is wise enough to know that he must vote against recognizing Palestine as a state if he doesn’t want to alienate the solidly Democrat-voting American Jewish demographic.  Goodness knows why.  To hear crooner Tony Bennett – who left his mind as well as his heart in San Francisco – sing it, the United States is to blame for the 9/11 attacks by supporting Israel and “occupying” the Middle East.  Never mind that Saudi Arabia requested our help to fend off Saddam Hussein’s depradations.  Never mind that a war in Iraq was preferable to a war in Afghanistan’s trackless mountains, a scenario Osama Bin Laden favored.  According to Bennett, he lent Bush his ear, into which Bush whispered his regret that we’d ever gone into Iraq.

Wars are costly affairs, indeed.  That’s why we should go in as quickly and with as much firepower as possible, win it and put an end to it.  Neither of the Pres. Bushes created the modern nation of Iraq.  That nation’s creation goes back to the World War II era and beyond.  Israel was the price Europe had to pay for centuries of mistreating the Jews.  As for the Muslims – tough luck; the Jews were there first.  They built Jerusalem, not the Palestinians, a minor tribe the Jews conquered centuries ago.

How long is the West going to allow itself to be held hostage to Islam’s revisionist history of the world?  Palestine has not agreed to a single term of peace with Israel.  In fact, Israel has surrendered far more than it ever should have in the constant wars with its Arab neighbors.  Palestinians want recognition for themselves, yet refuse to recognize the existence of Israel.  Abbas’ single term for peace is the annihilation of Israel. 

Finally, in this week of absurdities, New York City is “celebrating” the opening of the Ground Zero Mosque (a.k.a. as the Islamic Center), right around the corner from the finally-built World Trade Center memorial.  Manhattan’s considerable Jewish population has absolutely no problem with this.  In fact, they decry out-of-town protestors who object to the building of this mosque, a la the al-Aqsa mosque (which Muslims are demanding to be “returned” to them).  Observant Jews say that these Metro Jews care nothing for the religion, that they’re non-practicing Jews – JINOs – Jews In Name Only.  They care only for power, politics, and profits from a one-world government.  Israel means nothing to them at all.

Osama can’t be in fear of these people, who are his solid supporters.  Strangely, he’s more fearful of a small minority of observant Jews, and their much larger, Christian backers who are appalled at the notion of this tiny but democratic country being wiped out of existence.  Though it might seem odd, in Israel, American Christians see the writing on the Wailing Wall.

If Israel goes, we’re next.


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