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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Turban Terror

Guess the Danish cartoonist who portrayed the Prophet Mohammed wearing a turban with a fuse can be let off the fatwa hook now.  Former Afghan President Burhanuddin Rabbani, a leader in the Afghan peace council, was killed in his home today by a terrorist who hid a bomb under his turban.

According to NATO’s International Security Assistance Force, two suicide bombers, “feigning a desire to conduct reconciliation talks, detonated themselves.”  The attack occurred when a meeting scheduled between Rabbani and a Taliban delegation representing the insurgency was due to meet.  Four other people were wounded, according to CNN’s report, including one Rabbani’s key advisers.

Current Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai, whom Rabbani opposed, cut short his visit to the United Nations to return home.  The English translation of Taliban, or Taleban, as the current spelling goes, means “student militia” or “student group.”   According to Michael Scheurer’s book, Osama Bin Laden, this uniting of Muslim student groups was long in planning and a great dream of Bin Laden’s.  He had called for student uprisings all across the Muslim Middle East.

The long-delayed war in Afghanistan was also something Bin Laden had hoped for.  He poured a great deal of money into Afghanistan’s insurgent Taliban and into the country’s infrastrure, building roads and hospitals, and an army to repel whatever Western super power had the temerity to cross its borders.  After 9/11, we only spent two months in Afghanistant before Pres. Bush turned our attention to Iraq, greatly disappointing Bin Laden by not engaging in a mountain war which we could not win, and mounting a desert war, which we certainly could.

The militants consider any Muslim who tries to broker a deal with the West an apostate who deserves death.  Anyone who thinks the Taliban or any other Muslim student militia desires peace with the West is dreaming.  The freedom they want is, first, to rule the Arab world, and secondly, to spread their belief from there.  Scheurer argues that Osama never wanted to dominate the world, only to deliver the Arab world from the Great Satan.  With the West’s open borders, however, that is a specious argument.  If Muslims so hated the West, they would shun us, as the Pennsylvania Dutch avoid contact with the modern world.  They wouldn’t even be here.  Yet the U.S. Muslim population is said to be exploding.  Why are they here, since they clearly don’t believe in freedom?

If the Muslim people are innocent, it is only because Islam holds a dagger to their throats.  They have no choice in the Arab world but to submit, or die.  It’s not much of a choice, worship Allah or die.  So, their young men drink the Kool-Aid, in great guzzling gulps, until they’re driven so mad, brainwashed with such zealotry that they fly planes into buildings or place bombs in their turbans to kill anyone who doesn’t “share” their faith.

Zealots and communists blame America for centuries of madness and for denying a baseless land claim by a tribal people driven not by heritage but religious insanity.  The Palestinians don’t wish to create and claim Palestine for Palestinians, but for a worldwide Islamic state that recognizes no leader at all but a violent camel rider dead these many centuries.  Were a caliphate to be reinstated, Palestine’s boundaries would immediately vanish into the desert wind.  Their only purpose in trying to create a Palestinian “state” is to drive out what they consider an infidel invader – Israel.

Anti-semitism is alive and well 66 years after Adolf Hitler’s death.  A new Aryan leader has taken up Hitler’s banner and his call to wipe the Jewish people (and any other infidels) off the face of the earth.  The Jewish people have been betrayed by their own children, who care nothing for being God’s Chosen Children.  They follow a new, base and unholy faith led by corrupted government servants.  They crave power for themselves; they certainly don’t wish to worship the power of God, that invisible (to them) being who takes all the fun out of life.

How they can be so blind as to the horrors of life under totalitarian Muslim rule can only be attributed to a lifetime of brainwashing and drug use.  What price are they paying to throw Israel, the only democratic nation in the Middle East, under the steamroller of progressive totalitarianism?  What will be left of their souls and our lives and world, when they finally accomplish their mission?


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