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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stop Asking Christie to Run - Please!!

Why shouldn’t N.J. Gov. Chris Christie for president?  Well, let us count the ways:

1.      He’s on board with the anti-global warming cause – he’s against offshore natural gas ports but in favor of offshore wind farms
2.      He won’t fight Obamacare in New Jersey
3.      He doesn’t believe illegal immigration is a crime
4.      He appointed a Muslim to the state supreme court
5.      He favors the federal assault weapons ban
6.      He believes in civil unions for gay couples, though not gay marriage (some conservatives have a problem with this; others don’t)
7.      He’s seriously overweight and health issues are part of his baggage.
8.      The Media likes him even when he’s rude
9.      He hates the Tea Party
10.  He hasn’t finished his job as governor of New Jersey
Out in Iowa and California, Christie may look and sound like hot stuff.   He’s certainly got the charisma thing down and his tough guy image is solid.  But Californians didn’t watch on our local news as Christie wrapped his arms around Democrat Congressman Bill Pascrell, sneered at the camera, and boasted about his bi-partisanship.  It looked as though even Pascrell cringed and gave Christie an odd, ‘is-he-out-of-his-mind-disparaging-his-own-constituents’ look.

They weren’t at Morristown Tea Party’s first rally in April 2009, in freezing rain, when Christie, arriving late, discovered that the panel questions would be drawn from a hat.  After fuming for a moment, he verbally berated the poor teenagers assigned the task of holding the question hat for the fact that the politicians didn’t all get the same question.  This, in front 2,000 unhappy, mostly Conservative voters.  One of the organizers, a woman, apologized to the big man profusely, claiming she never agreed to this method of questioning, even though town hall meetings are known for their free-range, ask-me-anything style questioning.

Christie has never “forgiven” the Tea Parties for the slight, either.  But then, we were forewarned that he was a purple RINO.  The crowd, for their part, didn’t want any politicians up there at all. At indoor meetings, we had a hard time making them understand that America was, is, and should be a republic, which means representatives.  We told them there would be a new meaning of “nightmare” if we were to ever become a definitive “democracy.”   If they thought getting people to come out to a rally, when we already have a low voter turn-out, was difficult, what did they think would happen in a democracy where crowds virtually run everything, with invisible puppet masters pulling all the strings from behind?

The real Christie has leaned towards the left on everything from illegal immigration to global warming.  He’s scrupled not to call Conservatives who objected to the appointment of a Muslim to the N.J. Supreme Court “crazies” even though countless books by knowledgeable authors who’ve studied the subject for decades are a red-light indication that they shouldn’t be trusted.

Christie’s real problem is probably his one-time opponent, Steve Lonegan, who scrupled not, I have it on good authority, to engage in a rant in a Newark neighborhood.  Not a really good idea, either.  When the MTP was first forming, we were somewhat suspicious of the videos of the Florida Tea Parties running around aimlessly.  Yikeys!  That’s not us, we thought.  We decided to organize our rallies in a more orderly and civilized fashion, and so did the other N.J. Tea Parties.

The N.Y. Post is reporting that Christie is still on the fence.  They think that pleadings from GOP elites has affected his decision.  Well of course he’s on the fence; he’s a RINO after all.  Pleading and begging, while gratifying to his ego, won’t light a fire under this guy; opposition will.  If you really want him to run (why, for heaven’s sake?), the way to spark his passion is to tell him not to.  The guy lives for challenges.  Ask him politely, and he’ll politely decline.  Tell him to get lost, and he’ll be in your face.

Even if he were a solid Conservative, the biggest problem with his candidacy is that he hasn’t finished his first term as governor.  We made that mistake with Sarah Palin.  We also have the example of the short-term senator, Obama, but that’s Progressive Liberals for you.  We don’t want to make the mistakes they do – or the mistakes they want us to make.  Yet we keep doing it – putting up weak candidates, moderates who anger the base (who then don’t vote), and not-yet-ready-for-primetime-players like Christie.  He needs to finish what he started before he goes on to the next job.  It’s called the dependability factor.

But please, all of New Jersey is begging the rest of Red State America – don’t ask Christie to run.  Please!!  You’ll be sorry; trust us.


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