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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Super-Secret Secrets of the Tea Parties

The latest news is that Socialist Van Jones, while he dislikes the kinder, gentler Tea Party, is advising his own followers to take up our methods.  He says that his own have been acting on rugged individualism, while we espouse individualism but have been working collectively.

First of all, collectively speaking, we are really not THE Tea Party, but rather the Tea Parties.  To use the collective singular would be like saying New Jersey is the United State.  E pluribus unum.  Out of many, one.  No one tea party prevails.  We're united in the only way we need to be united:  we're Americans.  Tea Party leaders will sometimes congregate and trade best grassworks practices, but even with the individual states, there is more than one tea party group, or initiative group, and they all operate independently of one another.

The Tea Parties did unite to descend upon Washington, with some success.  But they learned what they were warned of early on – grassroots starts at home.  Those politicians in the capitol are already locked in and they’re not going to budge.  We made our presence known to an uncertain public that doesn’t like to get involved.

Our greatest secret is one the Socialists claimed way back in the 1930s – education is the key.  Unbrainwashing people who have been drugged, duped, and deceived is a hard task, as anyone who has tried to de-programmed a loved one from a religious cult can tell you.   Our middle class moderates are soft and timid, something else Van Jones and the Socialists know very well.  They ought to know; it should be no secret to Jones – they’re responsible for it.

Our individual Tea Parties do have leaders.  But they’re known only to their local communities.  Our volunteers, on their own initiative since most Tea Parties are banned from endorsing candidates, will volunteer for a politician’s campaign.  We write letters to the editors, we post blogs, we go into media chat rooms, we wear Tea Party pins and tee shirts and post signs (when we can).   The rallies themselves have fallen off because they’re difficult to arrange, especially in cold weather.

We have made very good use of social media both to communicate with one another and to get our message across.  We’ve tried very hard to dispel those early and extremely doubtful images of Tea Partiers running amok in Florida and elsewhere.  The Morristown Tea Party decided early on that wasn’t the way they were going to operate.

They had the advantage of having someone who knew something about organizing an event, and persuaded its members that so did they – they just didn’t know they knew how to it.  Once they got going, the only stumbling block was politics itself and that nasty, obstructionist word, “non-partisan.”  That might be very well for a Libertarian debate.  But the Tea Parties were not a debate; they were a rally for disenfranchised Conservatives (especially in blue state New Jersey).

Glenn Beck doesn’t like our signs; he evidently considered them objects of controversy.  But didn’t his blackboard on Fox News do exactly the same thing?  Did he not have political disagreements with his management?  Did he not wind up creating his own television network so he could air his program without threats or interference?  Good for him.  And that’s what the Tea Parties did.
If I were to suggest the next step for our Tea Parties, it would be to turn the tables on the politicians.  We’ve had rallies (with professional speakers) to speak for us and tell the politicians what we want.  Evidently, it’s still not enough.  This is the season when politicians make campaign speeches.  Maybe it’s time for a little “change” – let the people make the campaign speeches and tell the politicians what they want.

Politicians make these 30- and 60-second campaign messages.  That’s what we need to do, Tea Party guys and gals.  You did great with the signs.  Now it’s time to make short campaign speeches and stick them up there on YouTube.  Most of you have these little video cameras.  Or you can one fairly cheap at Wal-Mart.  If you have a PC and Internet, there’s nothing at all to loading the video onto You-Tube.  One double-spaced, typewritten page equals about one minute.  Make every word count.

For instance:

My fellow Americans:

Once again it is campaign season.  America is become the land of dread and alienation.  Not one Republican candidate will wholly endorse traditional American values.  Their byword is “compromise”. 

Therefore, we must take the stand – every one of us – and tell them what we want, our vision for the future of America.  We believe in an America where honesty is the highest virtue.  We believe in accountable representatives.  In the future America, only legal citizens will be permitted to enjoy the fruits of our heritage.  Children will learn of our great heritage and learn to love our country with respect and admiration.  Entrepreneurs will be encouraged through lower tax rates to build thriving businesses and employ Americans gainfully. 

The family will once again be the heart of every community and the home a place of pride and bounty.  Families will learn to live within their means and not covet their neighbor’s possessions.  They will once more to look to God, not the Government, for comfort, help, and salvation, and their neighbors will answer God’s call to lend help.  Charity will again begin at home, not at the Internal Revenue Service building. 

Americans will enjoy the guarantee of freedom of the press, speech, religion and assembly, as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.  They will be permitted to bear arms to protect those rights, those same rights guaranteed in the Fourth Amendment.  The government will be reduced to its proper size.  A free market society will always prevail over a permanent welfare state.  People will guarantee their own economic security by their own labor and common sense.  With government so reduced, charities will be able to care for those truly unable to support themselves.

Companies and corporations can be held to economic and environmental standards without being held hostage to socialist agendas.  Indeed, the government is often at the very center of crises involving these institutions.  Bureaucracy and corruption go hand in hand.  No fouler water ever spewed forth than the political swamp upon which our nation’s capitol stands.

Our demands are simple:  a smaller, more efficient government; a respect for our Constitutional liberties; an acknowledgement of the people as the true power in our republic; accountability from our representatives; the freedom of speech and religion our Constitution guarantees; protection from domestic and international subversion and military threats; and the freedom to pursue life, liberty, prosperity, and happiness.

If these be not original thoughts or arguments, they at least have the advantage of demonstrated success.  We will not compromise on these demands.  We will not yield our freedom, secured by the blood of many who died in battle.  Let those who would have our votes stand upon the platform of freedom, prosperity, and liberty and declare their allegiance to them.  Then we will listen.  And decide.

God Bless America.   


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