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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Of Primary Importance

Most voters discount the importance of primary elections, especially in an off-year election.  New Jersey’s general assembly and senate seats are all up for grabs this year.  Voters figure whoever is on the primary ballot will be on the ballot in the general election so why bother?

But that’s not the case in New Jersey this year.  There’s a group, at least in Passaic County, called “Republicans for a Better Passaic County” who are not Republicans at all.  Unwary voters might not know the difference and fall for their false advertise.

‘Why vote for the same old Republicans with the same old Conservative values?  Who cares whether Paul Revere alerted the British as well the Colonists on his famous ride?  In fact, he didn’t – he went as quietly as he could from house to house where he knew there were Whigs and dispatched more riders from those homes.  There’s your Conservative Republican Party for you!  They don’t know even know their American history.

‘Vote for the Republicans for a Better Passaic County.  We believe in uniting the States.  We’ll bring more Federal tax dollars your way.  We’ll put candidates into office you can be proud of.  You’ll set a role model of your children and blaze a new path for the GOP, one that believes in universal health care, taxing the rich, saving the planet, and creating good union jobs with benefits you can count on for life.’

Unfortunately, many younger voters might just believe that hogwash and vote for these crooks.

GOP Strong so-called Republicans for a Better Passaic County are making a heck of a mess.  This is a letter from Kristin Corrado, who ran as a GOP Strong candidate last year and is a protege of the convicted felon Peter Murphy,  who founded the GOP Strong and is still behind it according to newspaper and other reports.   It is clear from this letter that she and the candidates she mentions are anti-pension reform and very pro-union leadership.  McLaughlin is a former police union delegate and has been very anti-Christie pension reform:

“Kristin M. Corrado
74 Raphael Road
Totowa, New Jersey 07512

June 1, 2011

Dear Friend,

In 2009, I was proud to have received the endorsement of the Passaic County Education Associations, Inc., when I ran for the office of Passaic County Clerk. I truly believe their support made all the difference when I was elected as a Republican in Passaic County in a year that saw Governor Corzine win our County by over 9,000 votes.  Since that time, I have continued my relationship with the PCEA and value the friendships I have made over the past few years.

I am once again asking for your help in the upcoming primary election scheduled for Tuesday, June 7, 2011.  I am supporting Michael McLaughlin for Surrogate, Donna Anderson and Michelle Joustra for Freeholders.  They are common sense conservative Republicans who will work together to make Passaic County an affordable and better place to live, work, and raise a family.  They are not the party of Governor Chris Christie and Scott Rumana, who have threatened the health benefits, pensions and collective bargaining rights of all teachers and public servants in New Jersey.

McLaughlin, Anderson and Joustra are the candidates for all the people of Passaic County.  We must work together to protect our livelihoods and our future.

Please help us in our fight against the anti-union regime of Christie and Rumana by voting for ‘Republicans for a Better Passaic County’ on Row ‘C’ in the primary election on Tuesday, June 7, 2011.



If the voters of Passaic County wish to protect their livelihoods against union corruption, excess and waste, if they want to preserve their own future health care, they’ll vote Row B, for the Passaic County Regular Republicans.  It is important to get out the vote in this primary. The unions can and will turn out their vote and we don't want to lose by being apathetic.  Should they win in the Passaic County primary, it won't matter who wins the general election because Democrats or GOP Strong will vote to support union resistance to pension reform.  

New Jersey is set to lose even more private sector jobs.  Losing this primary to Democrats masquerading as Republicans will seal the deal.  The time to act is now – today!  Get out and vote for the Passaic County Regular Republicans.


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