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Saturday, June 04, 2011

It's Official

Glenn Beck made the official announcement Thursday: his last day on Fox News will be Thursday, June 30th. Thursday – it’s always on a Thursday a co-worker told me once when the company lets someone go. Something to do with payroll and accounting.

Liberals are no doubt planning their “End-of-Glenn-Beck” parties the way we sported about holding “End-of-the-World” parties. Funny thing about those parties, though: the world didn’t end. This isn’t likely to be the end of Glenn Beck.

For one thing, he’s so gazillionaire rich – maybe not as rich as George Soros – but pretty well off that he started his own company a few years ago. They drove him off the radio airwaves in New York City (which is my market area). But Glenn is available on the Internet and since new technology developed, it’s much easier to tune into him. I’m also an Insider fan, so I get his very interesting magazine (the May issue, I believe, had a fascinating article about George Soros), I can tune into the video broadcast of the radio broadcast.

There’s even something called “The Feed” a sort of air-time chat room. It’s a total waste though since it’s controlled by the dogmatic “Jeffy” who only answers his groupies, at least the first and last time I tried it (sorry, Glenn, but you always say that the truth is painful – someone needs to keep a better eye on what he’s doing. I’m a paying customer here and I’m not satisfied with The Feed. You get plenty of links as to what Glenn Beck is up to, but a customer’s chances of getting a question or comment into the studio are about as good as Obama vetoing Obamacare.).

Glenn sounded rather wistful making the announcement that the TV show was over. He’s probably glad to be done producing a nightly television show, cooped up in a dark studio every afternoon. But when he made the announcement, he realized what we all realize when a project or an unemployment is about to end – that the friendships we made are also about to end. We know that in my company, where our end is also all but imminent. The official announcement about which building(s) are going to close will be made next Wednesday.

I’ve been there and done that. But some of my co-workers have been with the company for 20 and 30 years or more. They’ve been to each other’s weddings, family funerals, kids’ birthday parties, picnics, home Christmas gatherings. They’re like extended families.

Glenn is like a member of all our families. We’ve counted on seeing him every evening just before dinner. He’s been a welcome guest. But by the end of this month, he won’t be there anymore. We can still find him. However, it won’t be quite as easy as clicking the TV remote.

We can’t always count on television producers to give us what we want, anymore than we can expect our employers to guarantee us lifelong jobs. Fox couldn’t promise Glenn a lifelong position. Too many factors were working against him. The left-wing groups were pressuring companies not to advertise on the show – my company wouldn’t. The progressives have infiltrated the big corporations and have their executives’ ears when it comes to ad placements. They scare the companies out of advertising on any show that doesn’t fit the Progressive agenda.

In addition, the Left wing groups have their minions mass-call/fax the companies, flooding them with complaints until they cave. There’s also the possibility that groups have been making death-threats to Fox News and its advertisers. Particularly since Glenn had the audacity to announce that he would stand up for Israel. The hatred the world has for Israel and the Jewish people just exceeds all bounds of sanity and reason.

Finally, Glenn has said that he’s just tired of doing the TV grind. In the last two years or so, he’s been absent quite a bit, both for medical reasons and business reasons. If we were absent that often, our employers would give us the boot. Glenn has the money to go out on his own and with our help, he can be an even bigger success than he already is, and get the message out about saving our country before it’s too late.

I hope Glenn isn’t going to be too weepy on his last show. He should end the show with all flags flying. He should bring back the marching band, and not just the drum section, either. I hope he has an audience with him that day, if for no other reason than to show to whom he’s passing the baton – us.

I won’t stop watching Fox News altogether. But at 5 p.m., instead of watching whatever is on in Glenn’s place, I’ll be reading and studying. Or I might go back to the War on America chatroom and bash some Liberals. It’s been awhile. It’ll be good therapy for Glenn Beck withdrawal syndrome.


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