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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Voter Fraud

“Warning! Warning! Danger, Will Robinson!”
The Robot, “Lost in Space”

I loved "Lost in Space as a kid."  But in all seriousness: New Jersey taxpayers are in danger. The New Jersey legislature is about to commit votter fraud.  That body, ruled by the Democrats, is currently mulling a plan being that will diminish registered voters in the suburban and rural areas by as much as 50 percent because of low voter turnout in the cities. The districts will be weighted in favor of urban areas 2 to 1. This proposal, if passed, would in essence allow one person's vote in an urban area to count twice as much as the same vote in the suburbs, continuing and possibly worsening, the unbalanced, skewed elections we have had in the past.

1 person = 2 votes + voter fraud + high voter turnout = your voice is SILENCED!

This proposal is in opposition to everything the Founding Fathers proposed. The last time I looked, New Jersey was one of the fifty states, with a voting process based on the U.S. Constitution. We don’t have – or shouldn’t have – a different way of establishing districts. The fairest way to establish the districts is still one person, one vote.

All of us should be extremely concerned about the outcome and we should make our voices heard. The best way to do so is to attend one of the three meetings and speak publicly. If you believe in representative government then you need to engage in this discussion. The outcome will affect New Jersey's future for the next 10 years.

We all need to participate and speak up, while we still have the ability to do so. Don’t let the Media kid you: the people who live in Paterson receive plenty of information reminding them to vote on Election Day. Remember Obama’s “Boots-on-the-Ground-Running” get-out-the-vote strategy. There are numerous mailings and door-hangers leading up to the election. On Election Day, there are active Get Out the Vote campaigns and cars with loud-speakers on their roofs encouraging people to vote. If there is low voter registration or low voter turnout in a city it is because the residents choose not to participate.

If voter turn-out is low anywhere, it’s in the suburbs. We knew that (at least I did) when we started the Tea Parties. That low turnout was what we set out to combat here in New Jersey. This is what it’s been all about since that April Tax Day two years ago. The picnic is over; now it’s time for the real deal folks. It’s do-or-die for New Jersey. This is what all the rallies and the hard work and the meetings were for.

And what’s more, the Democrats in the N.J. Legislature know it. It’s do-or-die for them as well. They’ve seen our numbers. They’ve seen our rallies and though they’ve tried to discredit us in every way – racists, conspiracy theorists, idiots, know-nothings, tea-baggers (their names for us could fill up this entire space) – we’re still here.

For those of you who think all those things are true, we have a message for you, hiding behind your newspaper or computer screen there – we’re your neighbors, your co-workers, your friends, your relatives. We’ve been carrying the ball for you, just as small number carried the American Revolution right here in the crossroads of New Jersey, fighting for our freedom and yours while you thumbed your noses at us.

This is for real, though, and it’s time you started carrying your weight, as well as those who’ve been sponging off us all these years. The Apportionment (redistricting) Commission is nearing its decision. The commission will be meeting on Wed., March 16th in the City of Passaic. Time and location have not been disclosed, which should tell you something. SAVE THIS DATE ON YOUR CALENDAR!!!

ONE PERSON, ONE VOTE. You'd think it'd be common sense. If you have any, you’ll do something about it and make your presence felt at that meeting. This is the commission’s last meeting before its decision and your last chance.


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