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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Disappearing Act

Despite the disappearing act of Wisconsin’s state Democrats, the vicious Media attacks on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and the ominous poll ratings from Rasmussen, the unions are in a lot more trouble than their governor is. The state animal, the badger, is a notoriously savage animal when trapped. The unions chose their battleground almost too well.

The Media and the unions have spent millions in advertising to mislead the already notoriously Liberal population of Wisconsin that union members are the middle class (are they kidding? Really? They’re the bourgoise? I thought they were supposed to be the proletariat – the great masses?). They’re only angry because the governor is trying to deprive them of their right to unionize and bargain collectively.

No, what Gov. Walker is trying to do is balance their budget, unhinged by untenable union wages and benefits. He’s also trying to give Wisconsin citizens the right to choose whether they even want to belong to a union, without being coerced.

Right-to-work laws are statutes enforced in 22 U.S. states, allowed under provisions of the Taft-Hartley Act, which prohibit agreements between labor unions and employers of making membership or payment of union dues or fees a condition of employment, either before or after hiring.

Without mandatory membership, unions will be bereft of much of the money they use to influence legislation in their favor. The dues are used to fund campaigns of legislators, mainly Democrats, who will vote generous pay raises for public sector employees and put pressure on private sector companies. One hand feeds the other.

Big union's theatrical and violent behavior comes as no surprise to older Americans. In the past, unions have used violence and even murder against those who oppose them. They’re not at all above intimidating the powerless employees they force into their unions. Anyone who crosses a picket line is considered a scab.

My brother is a manager. When his company’s union went on strike, he had to cover for the striking workers. It’s a good thing our grandfather taught him how to use a wrench and a screwdriver. He carried an enormous wrench and hired a couple of very big former FBI agents to protect him as he did his job.

According to the League of Women Voters, Gov. Scott Walker is close to the finish line of a major victory for taxpayers across the nation. On Friday the Rasmussen poll found that 60 percent of Wisconsin voters “disapprove” of Gov. Walker and 48 percent “strongly disapprove” of Gov. Walker.

Reportedly, the big unions are pouring millions into organizing activities and media to attack, distort and vilify Scott Walker and his proposed law. Other reports suggest Pres. Obama is working behind-the-scenes to defeat Scott Walker.

What Walker is doing is curbing the power of these unions and their members, so he can modestly reduce their lavish benefits and pension packages – to make them comparable to what private sector workers get. Wisconsin is careening toward bankruptcy with a $3.6 billion budget gap. This crisis requires strong action. Scott Walker and the Republican members of the legislature know they must apply real medicine now before the state passes a point of no return. The vote with the full Senate is nearing.

The Democrats are stalling for one reason: they know public support for Scott Walker in Wisconsin is faltering. Their attacks are beginning to have some effect. Union protesters know they’re an ugly sight to behold and that such ugliness and violence works in their favor, creating fear and uncertainty.

A Democratic Public Policy poll just released a few days ago found that 47 percent of Wisconsin voters support Scott Walker. The most recent Rasmussen results show a movement against Walker because of the intense attacks he is receiving. The League of American Voters continues to stand with this courageous governor and so should we.

If you have family or friends in Wisconsin, tell them not to be fooled by the PR job the unions are performing. No one is going to take away their right to form unions or bargain collectively. Those senators who are AWOL are union supported. That means it’s Wisconsin tax dollars that are being used to support this theatrical demonstration.

Their disappearing should come as no surprise, though. Harry Houdini, famous for his many disappearing acts, was a Hungarian-born magician, who first lived in Appleton, Wis. It’s the unions and the Democrat Assembly and Senate that should be ashamed.


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