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Friday, March 04, 2011

The Truth May Set Them Free

According to a story in the Feb. 1st London Telegraph:

The emergence of a secret US embassy dispatch, which detailed the three men’s extensive contact with a suspected fixer in the 9/11 attacks and visits to the eventual targets, raises the disturbing possibility that the US narrowly escaped further carnage because of a last-minute hitch.

Meshal Alhaji, 35, Fahad Abdulla, 36, and Ali Alfehaid, 35, had all been booked on a flight to Washington on Sept 10, 2001, but for some reason failed to board the aircraft. The following day, the same Boeing 757 crashed into the Pentagon.

Were the Qataris a fifth suicide team tasked with attacking another target, such as the White House or the Statue of Liberty, both of which they had visited?

Meanwhile, the battle goes on to put Khalid Sheikh Mohammed on trial. Conservatives and the military want him tried in Guantanamo, in a military court. The Obama Administration is holding out for a civilian trial, as near to the scenes of carnage as they can get away with.

The supposed “abuses” at Guantanamo may not even hold a candle to the damage the Wikileaks revelations could cause. Assuming something went wrong, whoever was wearing the mantle of leadership at the time will be responsible for the decisions made at the time. If they made the decision to “call it off”, but the order was ignored by Mohammed Atta (obviously, guys!), it could diminish the charges against that leader. And make a hero, in the Muslim world, out of Mohammed Atta.

Obama has a stake in this. He’ll get the credit in the West for putting KSM on trial, and the praise from the Muslim world for inevitably letting him, and possibly Osama Bin Laden - if they ever even succeed in catching him – go free. Or Obama may just call off the hunt for Bin Laden altogether since the case against him will fall apart.

The American people are in a difficult position between knowing the truth and seeing justice done. The truth may have saved the Statue of Liberty (at least temporarily) and the lives of some on 9/11, but not all. Sadly, the truth may wind up allowing murderers to walk free, even if they manage to capture – or recapture, as the case may be – these monsters.

Even now, the organizers of this Million Muslim rally in Washington, D.C. (which has since been postponed), are making plans to “redecorate” the White House and blow up the Statue of Liberty, although this time they’ve had the “magnanimity” to give the public notice of the demolition. They warned us just before 9/11, too, but at the time we didn’t take them seriously enough.

AG Eric Holder recently told a group of 9/11 families, concerned about the slow, almost stagnant pursuit of justice, that he had information they weren’t “privy to” and that they should trust him. Before the Muslims begin erecting a statue of Mohammed Atta in place of the Statue of Liberty, they should know that there’s a great probability that whatever his reasons for forging ahead with the 9/11 plot when others fled, they may have had more to do with knowledge of a simple fact that he had – and withheld from others – and not any particular supernatural powers of courage, fortitude, or zeal that he possessed. He may have been what we here in America used to call a “Glory Hound” or “Glory Boy,” a title to which KSM wishes he could lay claim, but knows he can’t.

What none of them know – KSM, the prosecution (well maybe they do), the Muslims, Obama, Holder, the 9/11 Truthers (who would love to hang the blame on former Pres. Bush; he may have known – but that’s not very likely) or the Media – is what ringleader Atta knew and took to the grave with him along with his followers. The best thing that could happen is that it stays in the grave. But this is the political season and Obama & Company are looking for that October Surprise that will put him in the White House in 2012. If the White House is still standing by 2012, that is. Pfc Bradley Manning and Julian Assange were of great assistance in that endeavor.

The Tea Parties and Conservative media need to keep up the pressure for a military trial. Despite what Holder says, I believe that if KSM and Osama (if they can catch him) are tried in a civilian court, they will walk. The “truth” will have availed the American people nothing but the pain of watching these two go free and continue on to destroy Liberty.

I wonder if Assange (and Manning) can be sued for violating intellectual property rights?


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