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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Seattle Student Update

Michelle Malkin posted an update on the search for her cousin.  The girl was last seen in the University District in Seattle at a Safeway on Saturday between 1 and 2 p.m.  The police say a purchase was made on her debit card.  Missing person horary charts always depend upon the last sighting.  The houses change, but the aspects don't.  This particular chart, from a planetary aspect, indicates a great confusion of mind and emotional distress.  The location hasn't changed much.  A 2 p.m. sighting still indicates the university as the most likely location.  The outcome is a bit more distressing though, as the moon reaches its point-of-no return aspects to Neptune and Uranus, both at the 29th degree and getting closer.  The moon moves very quickly and it would have been a matter of only a few hours before the girl's crisis reached its point and either resolved itself, or didn't.  We can only continue to pray for Michelle and her family that the girl was able to resolve her situation safely.


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