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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Mitt Romney for President

As today is Election Today Sunday and the newspapers endorse their candidates on this Sunday before Election Today, Belle’s Blog (“Let Freedom Ring”) is endorsing Mitt Romney for president.

Mitt is the right man at the right time.  He has the right credentials, the right attitude, and the right plan to return our nation to solvency, sanity, and self-sufficiency.  As the CEO of Bain Capital, his business was turning around ailing companies.  If he can turn around ailing companies, he can turn around our ailing country.

Did he have to suggest (or insist upon) bankruptcy proceedings for some companies?  Sure, he did.  Some of them came through the bankruptcies.  Some companies had to lay off employees, it’s true; but others returned to a state of financial health where they could hire new employees.

America is one going-concern that he is not going to allow to go under.  The road back from a $16 trillion debt will be rocky.  One segment of the economy he is certainly going to have to either lay-off or rein in is the public sector, so that public sector employees are making a salary comparable to that of the taxpayers who are supporting them.

He will make sure that we’re energy independent.  We don’t agree with him about the viability of certain alternate energy sources such as wind power, which is incredibly unreliable, or electric cars.  We have other alternate resources which are workable such as natural gas and clean coal – sources his opponent has done his best to oppose.

Mitt knows who America’s friends are.  He will stand by Israel and Iraq, the only true democracies in the Middle East.  He understands the difference between representative government and representative repressors.  Romney will not bow to foreign regimes that hate us and will never trade with a free and religiously tolerant America.  Previous administrations may have had to pay off corrupt, but secular dictators (which wasn’t a good thing), but our colors have never run (as Mark Steyn put it in his book, America Alone) as they have in the last decade.

Best of all, Mitt will get our economy running again and let the free market do what it does best – and Big Government does  not.  If you have any doubts, tune in to New Jersey this past week.  Our Jersey Shore took a bad hit.  We didn’t have the same number of deaths as New Orleans did during Hurricane Katrina did.  That’s because we didn’t sit around waiting for the government to bail us out.

New York City is a much bigger city than New Orleans, with a saltwater bay.  The Big Apple usually only gets brushed by hurricanes.  This time, it was only brushed by the northern edge.  The eye of this storm was somewhere between Atlantic City and Asbury Park.   No one has said where the eye actually landed because the National Weather Service insists it wasn’t a hurricane but an extra-tropical storm.  New York took the brunt of its northern edge (as did New Jersey).  The city was flooded for somewhere between five and seven miles – from the Battery to 34th Street.

New York’s Mayor Bloomberg didn’t point fingers (although he stupidly endorsed Obama).  He didn’t weep and wail – although he sure did talk a lot.  But he kept in touch with his city.  Wherever help was needed, help was given.  Residents in the Big Easy know what it’s like to be under water – it happens all the time to them, being on the Gulf Coast.

What they don’t know what it’s like is to be freezing cold.  This storm struck all the East Coast states from North Carolina to Maine.  Yet, you don’t hear a word from the New Englanders, who got all the rain and snow from Sandy.  You’ve heard about the Jersey Shore, because that’s where the storm made landfall and hit hardest.

Wherever you saw a news report, you saw our governor, Chris Christie, tirelessly trouping up and down the Shore, comforting the stricken residents, ordering up utility trucks, and making sure residents got the help they needed.  Three trucks went roaring down Knolls Road in Bloomingdale last night to get the power up on Westdyke Bend.  Within an hour, Mom had power.  Thank you, PSE&G and Butler Electric!

Gov. Christie has been one of Mitt Romney’s staunchest supporters.  Yet you didn’t see Romney in the Garden State, as you saw Obama (if you didn’t blink).  Ninety minutes.  That’s how long Obama spent in this Blue State before he left again to go out on the campaign trail.  Just presidential enough to keep his standing and keep his Blue State voters, but just short enough for him to play the Emperor’s Son (from the movie Gladiator) – ‘Am I too late!?  Am I too late!?’

Romney tactfully stayed away from New Jersey so it wouldn’t look like he was “campaigning.”  If he’s elected, you can depend upon him to come to visit. If Obama’s elected – don’t count on it.  Or if he does, he’ll visit Newark and Jersey City, the minority cities that gave him the vote.  He’ll never visit the equally beleaguered suburbs that he hates and said so in his autobiography, “Dreams from My Father.”

Finally, there are the jobs and taxes.  West Milford is the most taxed town in the most taxed county in the country (to say nothing of the state).  West Milford and the north and western suburbs, as of this writing, still have no power.  They don’t have the gas to get to the jobs they need to support those blighted cities.  Many of us in the north and western suburbs no longer have jobs to get to (at least we don’t have to worry about getting on gas lines).

Whose fault do you think that is?  Companies can’t afford to do business here.  If you’re thinking of voting for Obama, or for New Jersey Democrats, your job could be next.  It’s not the “evil rich” Republicans who’ve robbed us.  Romney – and Conservative New Jersey legislature – could get New Jersey back to work again.  Democrats will only give more “power” to their welfare, minority voters and super-wealthy backers, and leave what’s left of the Middle Class taxpayers.

Under Obama, you’ll either be one or the other, with no bridge between the two economic states because Obama and his cronies will have blasted it to kingdom come.  You won’t have a prayer of taking care of yourselves, any more than you could light or heat your own homes and towns (unless you were lucky enough to live in the little town of self-sustaining Butler and its sister town, Bloomingdale).  Everyone else in New Jersey had to depend on the government.  Gov.

Christie is doing his best, but in a centrally-planned and powered government, Hurricane Sandy is what happens.  The far northern and western suburbanites and ex-urbanites are survivalists, like my younger brother.  That’s why they moved that far out from the city; so they could fend for themselves and not have to depend on the government.  If the government would just get out of the way and let them do for themselves, with their chainsaws, big trucks, and big generators, it’s one less thing the government would have to worry about.

We were talking about Mitt Romney for president, though (I hope he’ll forgive us).  Jobs are the key, and Mitt is the guy to get paying jobs back, especially in New Jersey.  The Media has people looking at him as the guy who got everyone laid off.  But it isn’t like that.  Romney the Republican didn’t get people laid off; Obama the Omnipotent Democrat did, taxing the life out of the suburbs so he could buy votes in the minority-dominant cities.  Companies packed up and headed for other shores because they couldn’t afford to do business here.

Cut the corporate taxes and companies will return with their jobs.  Sure, that might mean more people in the cities will have to learn to do for themselves.  Property ownership has its responsibilities (paying for downed trees).  But isn’t it nice if you own a house with a fireplace that you can chainsaw all those trees into wood for your fireplace?

In the long-run no one wants to have to live like backwoodsmen.  We want the jobs that can support our lifestyle.  Vote for Obama, and we can count on more gas and electricity shortages because he’ll drive up the price of oil and electric that we won’t be able to afford it.  Without jobs, we will have to “live off the land” or live in the bondage of cold, cement-floor condominiums and apartments, dependent upon a government that decides who’s going to get heat and who doesn’t (that’s what happened here in New Jersey – and that was with a Republican governor).

Vote for Romney and you won’t have to worry as keenly about how you’re going to pay your bills because you’ll have a job and savings.  You’ll have oil for gas and natural gas for your heat, with solar energy as a surprisingly handy backup in the case of power outage.  You’ll have food to eat and your kids will be able to go to school instead of nagging you because they’re bored without their electronic games.

See the light and vote for Romney.  America will be as you knew her – a vibrant, modern nation, not one you’ll be reminiscing over a campfire in your backyard?