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Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Life of Conservative Julia

Age 3 

Under her parents’ care:  Conservative Julia is enrolled in the Montessori School to help her prepare to be a good student in the future.  Because of the steps her parents, and parents like them, have taken, Julia joins thousands of students across the country who will learn early the lessons and rewards of academic discipline, ensuring they will achieve independence and success.  Her parents begin a college savings account for her future education.

Age 17

Conservative Julia, captain of the cheerleading team, president of the junior class, prom queen and volunteer with the community beautification project, takes advanced college prep courses in addition to SAT prep courses.  She takes the SATs and scores a perfect 1600.  She starts her college applications.

Age 18

Conservative Julia receives letters of acceptance from Yale, Harvard, Princeton, MIT and Stanford.  Between the various scholarships she receives from the school of her choice, as well as her college savings account, a gift from her grandparents, and money she’s earned from a part-time job, her college education is already completely paid up through graduate school.

Age 22

During college, Conservative Julia injures her ankle scoring the winning point for the Women’s Varsity Basketball Team.  She listened to her parent’s advice, and upon her majority, immediately enrolled in her own health care plan.

Age 23

Because of her accelerated course of study, Conservative Julia graduates from Harvard with a law degree, in the top 1 percentile of her class.  All doors are open to Julia; no one has to hold them for her.

Age 25

Already a successful corporate attorney, Conservative Julia and her fiancée, a junior executive in a Fortune 500 corporation, put a down-payment on their first home in an affluent suburb.  They immediately take out a life insurance policy to protect their future family and their assets.  They also become active members of the local church.

Age 27

Conservative Julia steps onto the Mommy Track, giving birth to her first daughter, Margaret.  Her firm gives her the option of working from home or taking a generous maternity leave.  Conservative Julia chooses the extended leave.

Age 31

Pregnant with her third child, and knowing that they’re well covered, Conservative Julia becomes a full-time mother.  In her spare time, she counsels clients on wills, taxes, and other legal matters, as well as volunteering for a local Congressman’s campaign.  The couple buys a larger, lakefront home.
Age 37

With two children in school and the third enrolled in Montessori School, Conservative Julia becomes concerned with books her daughter Margaret is bringing home.  Her son tells kindergarten tales of the infamous Pencil Test.  Conservative Julia runs for and wins a seat on the local school board.  She is successful in replacing subversive textbooks and storybooks from the library.  Conservative Julia and her husband purchase a vacation home in Florida.

Age 42

Conservative Julia opens up her own law practice in town.  She hires a staff, including a young attorney just getting started.  During the summer, she campaigns for office as a state assemblywoman, and wins by a landslide.

Age 65

Conservative Julia and her husband open up trust funds for their ten grandchildren.  Now that she and her husband are retired and their children settled, they take frequent trips all over the world, and add to their growing art collection.  In her spare time, Julia volunteers at the local nursing home and the public library, where she reads to children during story hour.  Their favorite stories are from Aesop’s Fables, particularly The Ant and the Grasshopper.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Cutting Remarks

The Obama campaign has made much of an ancient report that while in prep school, Mitt Romney decrinited a fellow student in 1965 who, in an act of non-conformity, bleached is long hair blond and allowed it to fall over one eye.  The teenaged Romney decided this was just plain wrong.  In 1965, long hair was considered an offense against decency, so Romney and his high school pals tackled the student and apparently without physically injuring him, lopped off the libertine locks.

Rumor has it that the student was also gay, but apparently that had no bearing on Romney’s actions; the length, color and style of the boy’s hair was enough.  He’s since apologized for the boyish prank, not uncommon in the Sixties.  Many a schoolboy did far worse in those days.  At any rate, the other student has long gone to wherever non-conformists go once they shuffle off their mortal excrescence.

About the same time in 1965, a certain 6 year-old was weary of the way her mother gushed over her younger brother’s golden curls.  Those golden excrescences simply had to go.  So, she had her younger brother drag the household high-chair out onto the patio, tied him into it, then invited the neighborhood children over, at a price of 5 cents apiece, to witness a haircutting.

Fortuitously, the mother came out onto the patio just in time.  The neighborhood children scattered, the high-chair prisoner was freed, and the offender sentenced to a week in her room.  She also had to go to every neighborhood home and apologize.  But that was in 1965, when parents knew how to discipline their children.

When her older brother was about 13, just a few years later, he decided to let his hair grow long, in keeping with the current fashion.  Mother and father would have none of it.  When he refused to go with his father to the barbershop, they told him they’d cut his hair themselves.  Seeing the scissors come out, he tried to flee, but the mother and father pursued him up and down the stairs of the house, out around the yard, back into the lower portion of the house and up the lower stairs to the kitchen.  There, the mother was able to tackle him from behind, while the father sat on him.  Thus pinioned, the mother cut off the offending excrescences.  But that was back in the Sixties, when parents knew how to discipline their children.

Being a good conservative, I refused to don the latest fashion, blue jeans.  For this, and other offenses (I also hated rock music and refused to draw the peace sign in art class), I was mocked, ridiculed and tormented by my mostly Liberalized classmates.  The order of the day was supposed to be non-conformity.  But what the Liberals meant was conformity to their non-conformity.  Individuals weren’t supposed to decide for themselves what they would wear.  That was the 1960s, when parents younger than mine were learning that they didn’t necessarily have to discipline their children.  Thank you, Dr. Spock.

All this tells us that candidate Romney is pretty handy with a pair of scissors.  If he could do that to a Liberal kid flaunting Conservative values, imagine what he could do to the excrescences in our overblown Federal budget?  Make no mistake; this kid’s sexual preference had nothing to do with the prank.  It was all about the excess and if Romney will brook no excess, then he’s the president for us.  Romney will be the Barber of D.C.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gay Marriage - A Binomial Nightmare

Oh, to be young again.  Oh to be in 1973 again, just starting high school and given the opportunity to get straight with algebra and higher mathematics.  Oh, to be in 1973 again when Society understood that marriage was meant to be between a man and a woman.  Our consciences had been raised enough to be tolerant of homosexual people but not so tolerant that we undermined the foundation of our society – marriage.

The Feminist and Gay Liberation movements did exactly that.  The divorce rate – never very good to begin with – soared.   Families began mixing in nightmarish configurations.  Marriages became a decadaemon of higher mathematical proportions.  Obama’s public avowal yesterday of gay marriage just complicated the nightmare.

My quest to pass the GRE math portion decently, without the humiliation, has been a struggle.  The problem is binomials and polynomials.  These equations deal with a tectonic shiftings of numbers and variables across the equal sign.  Achieving equality becomes more and more of a strain the higher up the mathematical ladder you go.

You can add variables, as long as they’re of the same type – a’s can be added to a’s, and b’s to b’s.  A’s can’t be added to c’s though, nor c’s to d’s.  In the same way, blood types must be compatible.  By that mathematical logical, people of the same sex could be joined, but people of different sexes could not.

The union comes not in addition, but in multiplication.  There, similar variables can be multiplied, but they only produce a higher power; there is no product.   Whereas a can be joined to be, resulting in a x b = ab.  This ab can be then be multiplied by a constant – 2(ab) – 2ab.  Or is that 2ab to the second power?  Anyway, you can multiply a constant by a single variable – 2(b) and get 2b.  But that’s all you’ll keep getting if you only add or multiply b’s.

Gay marriages cannot naturally produce progeny.  They can do so through artificial means but it would be an artificial product of an unnatural union – two parts that don’t naturally join.  Nature, on the whole, did not mean for similar parts to join.  Such unions would be impossible, or considered an aberration in the natural world.

The problem comes down to legally recognizing what is an unnatural union.  People probably wouldn’t care if homosexuals found a willing clergy to marry them.  Having a license to marry, though, means they can litigate an unwilling clergy to perform the marriage ceremony.  Businesses and churches will further be required to legally recognize something a higher authority tells them is wrong.

When society has a true higher authority and a legal higher authority at variance over what is right and what is wrong, the world is in big trouble.   Mercy is one thing; forcing society to accept an institution incompatible with morality is mendacious.  Man was not meant to decide for himself what is right and wrong.  Man goes astray, even when trying to do something right.  It is for God to judge and to condemn or forgive.  God will judge severely those who intimidate the meek into rejecting what is right and paying homage to what is wrong, and He will do it soon.

You do the math.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Moderates in Mourning

Indiana state treasurer Richard Mourdock, a Tea Party-backed Conservative candidate, defeated long-time Republican U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar by 60 percent in the Indiana primary yesterday.

This was a huge win for the Tea Party movement, and a blow to Republican moderates.  Not that NBC Politics considered it a victory.  They reported the news with a political obituary for the 80 year-old, six-term Lugar.

“Republican foreign policy elder statesmen Sen. Richard Lugar, 80, first elected to the Senate in 1976 was defeated in the Indiana primary Tuesday by state Treasurer Richard Mourdock, who was backed by conservatives ranging from the National Rifle Association to local Tea Party activists to the Washington-based fiscal conservative group the Club for Growth.”

Notice the reporter, Tom Curry, uses the passive voice.  He makes note of Lugar’s age and the number of years he served in the Senate, and refers to the Senator as an “elder statesmen” connoting dignity and experience.  Curry takes his time getting around to naming the winner in the paragraph, and notes that Mourdock was backed by – boo, hiss! – Conservatives.  It’s enough to make a Moderate shudder.

Curry then quotes National Senatorial Committee chairman Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, who grouses, “It will probably make it more of a contest if Sen. Lugar is not the nominee, but I’m confident we’ll hold the seat.”  What a vote of confidence that is.

Still NBC Politics reports that, “In a statement Tuesday night once the outcome was clear, Cornyn said Mourdock ‘has the NRSC’s full support and we are committed to helping elect him as Indiana’s next U.S. Senator in November.’"  Too bad they weren’t so committed to helping Rick Santorum win. 

The NRSC keeps sending me and my friends donation letters and we keep throwing them out.  These days, what money I have goes to the Tea Party instead.  Not only does my money go to a good cause by donating to Americans for Prosperity or the Morristown Tea Party, but donating to MTP (which deals strictly in issue education, not political campaigns), I can get a cool tee shirt or bumper sticker.

Late last week and early this week, pundits were asking where the Tea Party is.  Well, there they are, working away in Indiana.  As you can see, the Tea Party is certainly about more than just rallies (happy now?).  It’s about rallying Conservatives out of their hiding holes, coming out of their suburban shells and standing up for lower taxes, smaller government, less regulation, and freedom, right in their own backyards.  It’s also about supporting worthy Conservative candidates who will represent true American values and limited government.

Congratulations to Mr. Mourdock and the Indiana Tea Party, and best of luck in the upcoming Senatorial election!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

How to Hold a Tea Party Rally - And Why

Who was that pinhead on GBTV telling Glenn there’s more to being the Tea Party than hanging out at a rally?  Does that guy even know what a suburb is?  He looked too young to know.  He looked like a young political hack.  He looks like he hangs out at Appleby’s on Friday nights.

There’s more to the Tea Party than simply getting candidates elected.  Getting a candidate elected is pretty useless if he or she isn’t the right candidate.  If they’re not on the right side of the issues, all the door-knocking and telephone calls are for nothing.  We have to beware of moderate GOP activists looking for cheap labor.

The Tea Party rally organizers didn’t organize those rallies just so they could hang out.  The rallies involved some pretty intense work and pretty intense organization.  We didn’t invite them, we didn’t go to all that trouble just so they could “vent.”  Suburbanites are busy people.  They’ve got jobs.  They’ve got kids and their kids have zany schedules.  They also tend to be young, like Mr. Moderate on Glenn’s show.  If they’re going to come out to a rally, we had to give them a pretty good reason for turning out, and that reason was authoritative speakers.

Our particular Tea Party – Morristown – also made sure there were activities for the kids.  The first rally also featured music, an opening ceremony with the flag salute, and local speakers in addition to the professional speakers, among whom we featured Andrew Breitbart and Frank Gaffney.  We didn’t just fool around.

There was a dispute among the older ralliers and the younger.  The older ralliers didn’t like the loud music.  They wanted to hear speakers only.  When the music went away, so did the younger attendees.  Next went the signs.  No more signs, the experts declared; signs were bad for our image.  Our participants took great pride in their home-made signs.  When the signs went away, so did some more of the audience.

Finally, the attendance dipped so low that Morristown finally decided it wasn’t worth their volunteers’ time and effort anymore.  So, Morristown didn’t hold anymore rallies.  Do tell.  Somewhere, the Moderate GOP hacks were congratulating themselves on a job well-done.

We had the same situation occur in one of my former companies.  An executive (who was eventually fired) decided to invite an expert to a sales meeting to tell our salespeople everything that was wrong with our company.  The company was old, middle-aged.  It was on its way out.  The next thing you know, the salespeople started bailing. 

While this guy was speaking (I was there to take photos), I decided enough was enough and I denounced what he was saying.  My boss had to ask me to wait outside.  I didn’t blame him.  Turned out, the speaker was a fraud, trying to get our best salespeople to go to another company.

It’s funny that a loner like me would be giving advice about organizing an event.  But it just so happens that I attended 13 years’ worth of events and knew our event planner.  I even interviewed her twice for our company publication.  I learned everything about organizing events from her.

The first, most important thing is location, location, location.  Now, there’s the location for your event, and there’s the location for planning your event, your command center.  You need to find a place to meet to start your planning and you need to assign an organized person to start the organizing.  You also need an all-purpose leader to actually run the meeting.

You may think you’re not organized enough, that political rallies are beyond your scope. At least, that’s what political hacks would tell you.  Nonsense!  If you’ve ever planned a business meeting, a PTA meeting, a wedding, an engagement or anniversary party, a kid’s party, or even a yard sale, you can do this.  Morristown did it, successfully, and hundreds, maybe thousands of towns, did it as well in 2009.

Once you’ve got yourselves organized, you need to settle on an outdoor location that will allow you to rally there.  You’ll need to set a date (summer is best in the North and Northeast when the chances for good weather are best).  The weeks preceding July 4th are the best for the very patriotic Tea Parties.  Setting a date depends on getting permission from the location and from the local police.  Start early, and tell as few people as possible about your plans before you obtain the permit.

Once you have your date and location, you need to line up the opening speaker and prepare a brief, opening ceremony.  For this, you’ll need a podium and electronic sound equipment so the speakers can be heard.  This is where you need to start subdividing your main group into committees:  Permits, Speakers, Logistics, Equipment, Security, and Insurance.

Security and insurance are vital.  Without them, the local authorities will be extremely skeptical about allowing your group to use the public premises.  Let’s face it:  this is politics and you can depend upon the opposition to show up.  The security must be bonded professionals with the proper credentials.  However, I would also advise a Tea Party Intervention Squad to peacefully distract the protestors and listen to their complaints quietly and keep them from disrupting your proceedings.  Remember:  no physical contact or provocation.  You’re just having a quiet conversation.

You will also need to set up a committee to have information booths.  This committee can work with the equipment committee to provide and erect tents and tables and so forth.  Have your various brochures and sign-up sheets ready and make some room for any willing Conservative candidates.

Finally, assign a clean-up committee to leave your park or site as clean, or cleaner, than when you arrive.  Tape off any garden areas and if you plant ground flags, for heaven’s sake, make sure you pick them up again.  If you hand out American flags to the children, make sure you scour the grounds for them again when the event is over because children have a tendency to toss the flags away.

In your planning meetings, you can expect liberal and moderate moles to appear.  You’ll know them immediately by the way they dress and speak.  Stick to your principles and don’t let them talk your group into inserting any words like non-partisan into mission statements and other official written information about your group.  Keep the word partisan, in all its forms, out of your literature, lest they coopt your mission.

Don’t worry about your image.  If someone wants to show up in a colonial costume, welcome them.  If someone shows up with an extreme radical sign, surround and shun them, although you can’t remove them.  Don’t let the Moderates, Liberals, or the Media define what is considered “radical”.  Freedom of speech gives you the right to criticize Obama in his status as president.  No one can tell you you can’t carry a sign with his name on it.  Don’t let anyone discourage you from doing so.

If you want to see younger people at the rallies, you’re going to have to bring back the music, no matter how annoying it is, older people.  We can’t do this alone.  Turn off your hearing aids or bring cotton for your ears.  If music will stir their enthusiasm for freedom, then turn up the volume, by all means.

Keep the event to a maximum of two hours.  That’s about as long as most people are able to stand and the maximum time most people can afford to devote to a public rally.  The reason hometown rallies are better is because these are closer to home for most people.  All politics are local, the saying goes.

Who knows your community and your neighbors better?  You?  Or the statistic-quoting pinhead on GBTV (with all due respect to Glenn)?   Most people don’t know what’s going on.  The only information they get is from the propagandist Media.  It’s time to change all that.  We made a good start in 2009 and fell off because we listened to the wrong people and our neighbors have now gone back to listening to the wrong people.

Time is running out.  Yes, getting good candidates elected is important.  But you won’t get any elected if you don’t change and educate people’s minds about the preciousness of freedom and liberty first.  You can do this – you must, or the town square will never be a public forum again.  The only information you’ll receive is what the government wants you to hear and know.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Standing Our Ground

With Occupy Wall Street roaming the streets at will, people have been wondering about the Tea Parties and why they don’t hold rallies anymore.  It’s rather like the scene in Superman II, when Supe gives up his mighty powers in order to marry Lois Lane.  With Superman marginalized, Gen. Zod can wreak havoc upon the planet and forces the president of the United States to kneel before him.

Citizens in the movie ask where Superman is.  Where’s Superman?  Why has he abandoned us?

My personal advice to the Tea Parties not to give up on the rallies fell upon deaf ears.  They had “professional” advice now, that the rallies were okay for a start, but it was time to move on to more important things.  The rallies were bad for their image (the professional politicians’ that is).  No self-respecting (Moderate) politician would be seen associating with a Tea Partier.  The Moderates wouldn’t like it.  The Media would make monkeys of the Tea Party.  It was time to go on to “more important” things.

Maybe they wouldn’t have listened if they’d heard “Mia,” a Dutch Underground agent in World War II, speak of how she was robbed of her watch by an SS agent on a bus in Holland.  He just saw the watch on her wrist, decided he wanted it, and yanked it off her wrist.  Maybe if they didn’t regard the footage of French and Dutch resistance operatives being executed in their village as some sort of old movie, they’d have kept up the rallies.

There’s a right of domain rule that says if you keep allowing someone to use your property unchecked, eventually that property becomes theirs.  If we don’t stand upon our village squares, we will lose the right to use them.  The Communists will dictate who can stand in the village green and make a speech and who cannot.

The rallies were about much more than just getting people’s attention.  The rallies were a way for neighbors to gather together in common cause.  They afforded the opportunity to bring educated speakers on various topics literally to the public forum for all to hear.  Today, it’s all too convenient to turn on your television and watch what you want to watch and ignore what displeases you, or discomfits you.

The general public naturally assumes that if someone is angry, that that anger is righteous and sympathetic; that they have a right to be angry.  The Communists message is getting out and ours has been driven underground.

Are there going to be people who will be angry at us for delivering our message?  Certainly.  They’ll tell you they don’t want to hear it and they can make up their own minds.  What they mean is they don’t want other people to hear our message and they don’t want other people hearing the other side of the story so they can make a truly informed choice.

We must restore our courage and take to the public squares again, as we did three years ago.  Sure, it’s going to be hard work, and more often we’ll be criticized than thanked.  Yes, the Media will be there to distort the message.  But we have cameras, too, and can counter their distortions.

Mia went out into the fields of Holland in the middle of the night during World War II to signal the Allies the German positions.  It was dangerous; she was on the Nazi hit list, with a death threat on her head.  Nevertheless, she stood her ground.

If we don’t do this, a time will come soon when we won’t be able to and we’ll wish we could turn back the clock to 2009. 


Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Silent Treatment

Observers watching the Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Show from Fort Hamilton, on the Jersey side of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, report that KSM and his co-defendants gave the military tribunal the silent treatment for eight hours.  The viewing was by invitation only via a closed television broadcast.

Among their other antics, the defendants climbed on their courtroom tables and prayed to Mecca.  They refused to enter pleas when asked, took off their translation earphones, and would not even respond to questions from an Arab translator brought in for the purpose.

Their refusal to participate (cooperate is a ridiculous word to use in this case) delayed the proceedings into the nighttime hours.  One of their attorneys is a woman who requested of the court that all women in the courtroom be required to wear head coverings so the defendants would not be defiled by gazing upon the bare-headed Western women.  The judge apparently declined the request.

The ever-theatrical KSM certainly missed his calling as a comedian.  There could be little opportunity in the serious-as-a-heart-attack, humorless Arab world for a clown like KSM so he had to come to America.  Instead of being aboard one of those airliners, which would have, if nothing else, at least deprived us of his odious presence, he ran off and watched 9/11 on television.

Obama and Eric Holder were committed to giving him a “fair trial” and a public stage.  The American public, particularly those in the New York City area, clamored against such a mockery and the trial remained at Guantanamo, where it belongs.

According to The Bergen Record, relatively few relatives or victims attended this screening.  They said that they’ve had enough and moved on.  Only a handful went, in order to ensure that justice is done on behalf of all the 9/11 victims.  They are a brave group who volunteer to endure KSM’s cruel raillery.  It’s a disgusting job but someone must do it.

The defendants no doubt are giving the court the silent treatment a) to disrupt the proceedings as much as possible, and b) to register their anger at no receiving a public trial where they could grandstand and espouse their violent cause against the West.  Once he discovers that he at least has an audience via word-of-mouth, KSM will mount the stage once more to perform for the Arab world.

Few people have actually witnessed a live KSM performance.  It is said that to be in his presence is enough to make you shiver with horror, as the hairs on your arms stand on end and you feel a rock plummet into your stomach.  His brand of evil is palpable.

The defendants’ attorneys actually had the chutzpah to question the judge’s credentials to try the case.  He was chided for reading “The Black Banners:  The Inside Story of 9/11 and the War Against Al-Qaeda.”  Did you know that non-Muslims are discouraged from reading The Koran?  You’re supposed to be a member of “the club,” at least from the radical Islam perspective.  Moderate Muslims are said to welcome curiosity about their religion.

Reports say that the trial could last at least a year or more.  God forbid.  The sooner this noxious, tiresome man, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, is permanently silenced, the better.