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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Can You Spare the Time to Vote?

War                            No. of  Years              No. Killed

Revolutionary                 8                                   4,435

War of 1812                    3                                 2,260

Civil                                4                              140,414 (North only)

WW I                             1,5                              53,000

WWII                             5                               291,557

Korean                           3                               33,739

Vietnam                      11                                47,434

Gulf/Iraq/Afghan          8+                               3,662

                                    40.5+ years                576,501            

Forty plus years out of America’s 236 years as a nation.  Over half a million lives – 576,501 – given in the cause for freedom.  Never mind that malarkey from Hollywood about how the soldiers were only giving their lives for each other.  What a dishonor to every soldier who ever fought for our country to say such a thing.  Only since the Vietnam War, which the Media and Walter Cronkite helped us lose, have veterans uttered such disgraceful words.

They gave their years and their lives for freedom.  Think you can spare about 15 minutes to go and vote?


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