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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Bush Whacks Obama

Former Pres. George W. Bush’s portrait was placed in the East Room of the White House on Thursday.  Even though the White House promised the event would be non-political, Obama still managed to blame Bush for the bad economy.

The months before I took the oath of office,” he said, “were a chaotic time. We knew our economy was in trouble, our fellow Americans were in pain, but we wouldn't know until later just how breathtaking the financial crisis had been." George, you went out of your way to make sure that the transition to a new administration was as seamless as possible.  President Bush understood that rescuing our economy was not just a Democratic or Republican issue."

Still, Bush took the jibes in stride.  After his portrait was unveiled, he said,  “Maybe now sometimes you'll look up and ask, ‘What would George do?’”

We don’t know what George would do, but we certainly know what Obama has – and hasn’t done.  One year after signing the stimulus, not only did we not have the 3.5 million jobs he promised, but 2.8 million were lost.  The unemployment rate reached a height of 9.7 percent, with the rate calculated at 16.5 percent when underemployed and discouraged workers are factored into the equation.  334,000 Americas have given up looking for a job since the Stimulus Package was signed.

Since then, 47 states have lost jobs, and10 have moved to double-digit unemployment.  440 nonexistent Congressional districts received $6.4 billion in Stimulus funds.  The unemployment rate has lowered somewhat, but only because the government itself is creating jobs, particularly newly-minted IRS agents to collect money for Obamacare.  The only other states that have created jobs are those that are engaging in shale oil drilling.  Those states are booming.

The Stimulus website,, cost taxpayers $18 million to redesign.

Pres. Bush may have presided over a flailing economy, but he didn’t create it.  Our economy is the product of Progressive Democrats and Republicans and their cronies who have long since fled the scene, leaving a new party of Progressives to use the bad economy to greenmail us into Socialism.

Eventually, a portrait of Obama will be placed in the East Room, if there is, in fact a White House and a United States of America, by the time that happens.  Let’s hope the artist has a proper sense of perspective when he or she paints it.


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