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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Anna Wintour - The Devil in Prada

What are the odds that having Anna Wintour’s name on the title of this post would garner about 100 hits, even though she’s a miserable person with a terrible reputation?  But a far better person, also an editor, but not particularly wealthy, would garner very little interest except from those who knew him?

Having a famous name and millions of dollars doesn’t make you one jot more worthy of notice than your better counterpart – who held a similar position to yours, was a better person a million times over, was a better boss, and a better citizen.

But since only Anna Wintour’s name would attract you heathens to this post, here she is:  the Devil in Prada shoes herself.

So now that I’ve gotten your attention, go back and read the previous post, about a truly good person, who's far more worth of your notice.  And ask God’s forgiveness for counting the wicked above the good.


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