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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Christmas List 2011 - My Own Photo Studio

Christmas List 2011 – My Own Photo Studio

Santa Claus, Happy Santa Claus Day!  I know this is your feast day, officially known as St. Nicholas Day.  You were the Bishop of Myra (in Turkey).  Orphaned at an early age and heir to great wealth, you devoted your life to Jesus Christ.

You really spread the wealth around.  When three young girls were about to be sold into prostitution, you left each a sack of gold in the stockings that were drying by a fire.  You were a great traveler and are the patron saint of sailors as well as children and thieves.  Thieves stole your body, but there was such a goodness about you that they repented and return your body to its original resting place.  The Irish were so concerned that your body not be desecrated that they asked permission to bury some of your remains in Ireland, in case some other religion should sweep the world and your bones be desecrated.

You’ve delighted and terrified little children for centuries.  You are the very emblem of the childhood joys of Christmas.  Fundamentalist Christians object to your presence at Christmas time, feeling you’re stealing the limelight from the guy whose birthday we’re supposed to be celebrating.  No one who knows your history could believe such a thing, though.  You were the little man with the big heart and devoted follower of Jesus Christ.  Through Him, you’ve brought joy to the holiday of Christmas, which was once a very solemn, somber holiday.

I’ve had the privilege of taking Santa photos for my company for 12 years now.  There is no children’s holiday party for the children in this office this year because our company is closing this office.  Those employees who can are relocating, and must be in their new positions by the beginning of the New Year.  Those who can’t must find other employment – if they can.

I shall miss the joy of those Kiddie Kristmas mornings.  I had a complete set up of trains and dollies and cars for the kids to play with under a Christmas tree while waiting to sit on your lap.  I’ll miss the fun of using my percussion toys to get the children’s attention.  I’ll also miss your conversations with the children.  You have a way with kids, Santa.

The popular wisdom in these bad times is to have a skill upon which you can fall back while you search for that perfect job.  I have two.  One is typing, the other is photography.  The problem is with photography, you need the equipment.  I have the camera and lenses, but I don’t have the studio.  I don’t even have the space for one.

What’s more, I don’t really have the experience yet.  Oh, we have a makeshift studio here at work.  The time and budget constraints only permit us to do minimal photography, though.  In and out, get the claim representatives back to work.  We only have to backdrops and and having assistant, I have little time to adjust lighting, especially if I have a big crowd.  What I would love, Santa darling, if I can’t find the ideal job of promoting Conservative America, is to work as a photographer’s assistant.  I don’t have the money for school or the time, and even if I did, the dearest educational wish of my heart is to spend the time (and possibly the money) on a master’s degree in History.

Still, one must use whatever skills one has to get by and I do have the ability as a photographer.  Working as a photographer’s assistant would be just idea.  I’d have the chance to “fill in the gaps” in my knowledge of photography, get some hands-on experience, and do something I truly enjoy.  It beats the heck out of typing, at any rate (although I’ve been brushing up on my typing).  Eventually, I might even open my own studio.

In a year’s time, I could offer myself up as a Santa Claus photographer at a department store.  I have the experience now and know what it’s like and what to do.  Best of all, I would get to see you at work, Santa Claus.  Photographing you with the children isn’t just a job; it’s a privilege.


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