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Monday, December 05, 2011

Christmas List 2011 - A Fence

Something else that I need, Santa Claus, is a fence.  The tattooed lady keeps poking her nose into my garden.  It’s not been much a garden these past few years because I haven’t had the time to tend one because I’ve been busy with the Tea Party and the Bands, or the money, knowing that I’m going to be unemployed.

Confronting the tattooed lady is pointless and even dangerous. A woman who would leave nails in your garden has a few screws loose in her head.  The association will never consent to openly feeding these poor cats, even though (ironically) I have permission from the veterinarian and animal control.  Dr. C. doesn’t want to destroy one more animal than he can help.

So I need a fence.  Only I’m not allowed to put up a fence.  I can plant shrubbery.  Only it’s the wrong time of year for shrubs.  I figure I can plant Christmas trees, though.  Little artificial ones, that is.  I’m also going to get some of those lit deer figures like Mom has.  I’m going to go the big box Christmas store and see if they have any more of those windmill posts and so forth.  Anything to create a barrier.

This is the problem with communal property, Santa.  This is also the problem with illegal immigrants and why we need a border fence.  They can do anything they want and the bureacrats protect them.  Legal Americans have no rights at all.  We’re not allowed to defend ourselves, we’re not allowed to put up fences, and when we protest, we’re accused of racism and all sorts of ugly crimes.

We were getting along okay until all these bureaucratic laws came along.  All it takes is one tattoeed lady or one aggrieved illegal immigrant or liberal with an agenda.  We’re lucky in my condo group – so far.  We’re allowed to put up decorations on the windows.  I don’t light my windows because there’s a lot of condensation and I’m afraid of a fire.  Do you know, Santa, that the tattooed lady actually demanded to know why I hadn’t put up my decorations?  As it’s any of her business.

She’s a bad omen of things to come.  What happens to me now, in one little 750 square foot condo unit, will happen to all Americans within the next five years.  My parents used to say that in Communist Russia everyone squealed on every one else.  Kids would rat out their parents if they spoke against the party.  But this was America and people didn’t do things like that.

Communal America is going to be different.  It’s going to be like living in my condo next door to the tattooed lady.  God help America.  We need to build fences now over our borders because these illegal immigrants will have everything their own way and we’ll be the ones fined or even jailed for non-compliance.  Eleven million illegal immigrants, I believe, are in the country right now who should be sent back to where they came from.  Eleven million illegals who don’t give a darn about America and certainly not about property rights.

Please send us fences, Santa dear.  Fences make the best neighbors.


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