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Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday, 2011

What’s with Fox News and the editorializing? This is their report on today’s Occupy Black Friday movement:

“The Occupy Wall Street movement announced last week their plan to ‘Occupy Black Friday’ at stores across the country but as of mid-morning shopping was not hindered by the anti-greed movement.

“There were no major reports of Occupiers taking over malls and stores across the U.S. except for a group in front of Macy’s in New York City’s Herald Square where a larger rally is expected later Friday afternoon.

“Many outlets have banned tents from the front of the stores fearing that protestors might be pretending to be shoppers while they wait for the doors to open to begin their campaign. Some groups were expected to show up at malls and stress dressed as ‘corporate zombies’ in a clever form of protest.

“The Occupy movement called for a series of protests, marches, and flash mobs at national retail chains and urging shoppers to purchase items and gifts from smaller local businesses.”

If retailers are anxious to go from red to black (as in the ink in accounting books), it looks as though Fox News is anxious to go from red to blue. This article sounds suspiciously like cheerleading. Since when do credible journalists used adjectives, especially adjectives like “clever”? And since when did Fox determine that Occupy Wall Street is an “anti-greed” movement? We know that’s how OWS describes itself, and we would expect the Lame Stream Media to use such a word, but not the heretofore Conservative Fox News. Seems that when Glenn Beck left the station, the last strains of Conservativism (well, he considers himself a Libertarian), went with him.

As for Occupy Wall Street, they’ve suddenly taken a new tack in their course towards communism. Suddenly, they’re the champions of small business. Are they really? If Big Government and Big Business are in cahoots together, then it follows that Small Government and Small Business are allies. OWSers helped put Obama into office, ensuring that Big Government and Big Business nailed the coffin shut on our economy. If Occupy Wall Street is no friend of Small Government, then it’s no friend of Small Business. That’s Tea Party territory.

Meanwhile, on this Black Friday, there was no need for Corporate Zombies to invade retail outlets; crazed shoppers were pepper spraying each other, throwing punches, and generally mauling each other in a frenzy to get to the free goodies. Some stores, including Macy’s, were offering free $50 gift certificates to the first hundred shoppers through the door. Midnight shoppers set themselves up to be robbed on line (that is, standing in line, not online) while they waited for the doors to open. Even here in sedate suburbia, the Riverdale, N.J., police had to patrol the Best Buy parking lot to keep the shoppers safe from robbers and from one another.

In short, Black Friday was too dangerous even for Occupy Wall Street.


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