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Friday, November 18, 2011

Where in the World is Dad?

When my father died in June 1977, at the age of 62, his burial service was held under a large oak tree, very similar to the tree beside our house.  The hill sloped downward past the tree, and that’s where his coffin sat for the service.  No hole had been dug in the ground yet.  However, someone else who died the same time he did, was being buried a body’s width or so to the right of the tree.

In succeeding years, we went to the grave, only to find he wasn’t buried where we know we saw him being buried – at least, so we thought.  After an exhausting hunt, we finally found his marker in a row on the hill above the tree.  As the years went by, the marker mysteriously moved farther and farther over.  Every Memorial Day, I visited the grave first, as my band played in that town’s Memorial Day parade, and left flowers so my mother and brothers could find it later on.

It took five years to convince my family that we were marking either an empty grave or a stranger’s.  Finally, Mom and Big Brother confronted the cemetery owners, who insisted Dad is buried where the marker is.  To prove otherwise, my mother would have to pay to have both sites dug up and the body tested to confirm that it’s my father.

Naturally, my mother wasn’t about to do that.  Digging him up with be expensive and emotionally exhausting.  After the cemetery’s insistence that we were “crazy”, my older brother accepted their story that that’s where our father is buried.  He’s not.  I know it.  My mother knows it.  We remember.  Neither of us has Alzheimer’s.  That marker is nowhere near where he’s buried.

Interestingly, there is no marker for anyone where we thought he was being buried the day of his burial, nor is there a marker for the other person who was being buried that day.  I believe now, that he wasn’t even buried in that spot, but put in the same hole we saw had already been dug on that day.  Only it will be difficult to prove.

The quandary will come on the day when Mom goes home to go God (may it be far in the future).  Where do my brothers and I bury her?  In the empty, or stranger-occupied, grave now by the bushes?  In the grave where we thought our father was being buried?  In the other grave where, if our father is there, it will be impossible to bury her, since there are already two bodies in that grave?  Or do we cremate her and bury her with her parents, who are nearby on the other side of the tree?  Or do we just not worry about it?

Where is Dad, exactly?  In grave no. one, no. two, no. three, or is he really in heaven, and the matter of his remains of no consequence?

That is what I think of when I hear about conspiracy theories.  There is no end to the number of End-Time conspiracy theories held by fundamental Christians.  The New World Order.  The Illuminati.  The Tri-Lateral Commission.  The Masons.  The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the imminent danger of the zionist state, Israel.
For every conspiracy theory, there is a progressive debunker, who do their best to marginalize as “crazy” the “conspiracy theorist”.  Only when you look into their debunking theories, such as that of David Mitrancy and Antonio Grimasci, you discover there’s more to the conspiracy theories than you might regard as hysteria.  Mitrancy readily admits to belief in a New World Order.  He just doesn’t think it’s crazy, and that the conspiracy theorists are frightening the general population into hysteria over this very natural (to the progressives) “progression” of politics and society.

The design of both groups is to make the individual feel helpless, impotent, and insignificant.  One plans for the kingdom of God, the other to usurp the kingdom of God, to them, a figment of fevered imaginations, and supplant Him with a global ruler or committee.  The anti-zionists, of whom there are plenty to the left and right, have some belief that the Jews want to dominate the world as God’s chosen people.  They fear a Jewish “takeover” of Jerusalem, the place where their Bibles tell them Jesus will return to rule over the Earth.  (My Bible speaks of a new Jerusalem).

Meanwhile, the evidence is incontrovertible that the Progressives are, in fact, establishing what you could call (they certainly do) a new world order.  They call it “globalization”.  These people claim they don’t wish to trample on any nation-state’s sovereignty, but the legislation that the U.N. has passed, the European Union, the mechanizations of a future caliphate, and various treaties indicate otherwise.

We should be concerned that large organizations and cabals are pouring money into elections around the globe.  History has been one long train, from ancient Rome to the present, of tyrants and mobs, corruption and collusion.  The Romans defeated northern Europe and absorbed their populations, which in, turn absorbed Roman corruption and violence.  The Huns came along and defeated the various Goths, who finally conquered Rome and took her place in Constantinople.  From there, Christianity spread, but the conquerors also inherited the Roman genes for corruption and arrogance and sent it all the way to England and France.

France spent the early half of the 19th Century trying to conquer the world and Germany, a massive country, spent most of the latter half of the 19th century trying to conquer the rest of Europe, ultimately leading to World War I and then Hitler’s World War II and his eugenic, master race program.  The Night of the Long Knives.  My parents told me about it when I was very young and Glenn Beck has mentioned the incident on his program, looking at the videos of the OWSers and warning them, “You’re next.”  Hitler murdered up to 8,000 of not only his political enemies, but his supporters.  Nice guy.  Watch out OWS.

Hitler was your ultimate conspiracy theorist.  He believed in all sorts of outlandish, crazy theories.  He had his scientists measure the eyes of the “perfect” Germans to use as a standard for all others.  His Nazi symbol is said to be some sort of occult, pagan symbol.  So is the more modern peace sign.  The peace is derived from an ancient Teutonic (Sandinavian/German) rune for the devil.  In its present form, it looks like nothing so much as the astronomical/astrological symbol for earth, with the vertical lines bent down.  The end, or submission, of the world.

We should be concerned, but not hysterical, about Trilateral Commissions and New World Orders.  Hysterical don’t find solutions.  Their hysteria merely causes normal people to bury their heads in the sand.  We have only to reject what is wrong (from both sides – charges of Zionism on the one hand, and the more obvious installment of the coming New World Order on the other) to be safe.  Outlandish outcries will only depress those we’re trying to warn and throw doubts on our credibility.  I seriously doubt the Jews want to rule the world.  They saw what happened with Hitler, after all.  The Muslims, being more numerous, are more of a concern than the Jews.

Still, it might be prudent to stock up on enough food and water, have a useful, vocational skill, be able to defend yourself against marauders, don’t let your kids and grandkids wear or display the peace sign (I made my brother take that thing off his ex-wife’s car.  She was out of the country at the time and he had use of the vehicle), and speak up for freedom and America.  Not to sound “nationalistic” but wear your patriotism on your sleeve.  Buy a cap, a button, a tee or sweat shirt.  Get a bumper sticker for your car.  Don’t be afraid to display Tea Party pride.  Use the Tea Party controversy to your advantage.

As we discussed last night at our Tea Party meeting, we have the knowledge.  Now we have to use it to persuade others to get their heads out of the sand.  Be practical.  The stuff about the New World Order may be (is) true, but you’ll get your neighbor’s attention better by talking about the factual Agenda 21, by which the Progressives can drive your neighbors out of their homes. 

The Progressives will start with the elderly, and try to convince your neighbors that it will be much better for their elderly parents if they’re sent to live in community homes, where, not coincidentally, the children will be relieved of caring for them, or even visiting them.  The definition of “elderly” will be downgraded.  The definition used to be 85 or over, but the Media has been using that word to describe people as young as 65.

This is just an example of where we’re headed.  It’s not conspiracy theory, lunatic ravings, or overwrought imagination. 
It’s reality and it’s happening and it will get worse if we don’t wake up from the televised stupor in which we find ourselves.  It’s never too late to hope and act.

I know where my father is.  Do you know where your fathers are?


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