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Monday, November 07, 2011

One Day Left

New Jerseyans, you have one day left to decide.  Tomorrow are the state and local elections.  This may be your last chance to enjoy a government of, by, and for the people.  For the last 40 years or so, we’ve been slowly abrogating that right.

Enervated by a left-leaning, propagandist Meda, intimidated by guerilla theater tactics, brainwashed by a corrupted school system that owes its legacy to the teachers’ riots of the 1930s and their pact to inculcate future generations in the glories of communism and collectivism, disgusted by the attendant political corruption, dithered by drugs, and lured by the joys and material possessions of the comfortable life our parents left us, we have no “taste” for politics.  We “hate” politics.  We don’t want to have anything to do with politics.  We don’t even want to be bothered researching the politicians for whom we’re casting votes.

We’re so divorced from politics, as we are from the traditional American culture and work ethich that made our country great, that only a small percentage of voters goes to the state and local polls.  Like indifferent fans of football or baseball, we only pay attention to the Super Bowl or the World Series.

The OWSers are agitating for a collectivist, “democratic” state.  Are they kidding?  This generation of couch potatoes take government into their own hands?  They won’t even go to their own kids’ school board meetings.  The only citizens willing to take an active role in preserving the United States of America are its senior citizens, who made up the majority of the tea party membership.

But the Progressives have a plan to take care of them.  They’re called “Smart Communities.”  Even now, newspapers like The Bergen Record are softening up the families for this eventual transfer of property.   Get those old people out of those big houses, which you adult children have to help them care for.  Put them into local senior housing, where they’ll be closer to public transportation, which doesn’t exist in the suburbs – yet.  But once they do, you’ll be putting plenty of unemployed people to work in union-organized and government subsidized positions.

It’ll be better for everyone?  Except for the older people, who won’t get the full generational value of their homes and property.  That means you adult children will have less of an estate when the time comes.  But those houses will be freed up to fill with the sizable inner city families who can’t afford homes of their own and must rent apartments in the city.  Well, what if they changed places?

Oh that sounds so logical doesn’t it?  Of course, there is the little matter of defining a “senior citizen.”  A senior citizen is a retired person, usually about 65 years old or so.  For government employees, especially teachers, it’s 55 – and their children have already left the nest.  However, these junior senior citizen still have plenty of life in them to enjoy their property. 

Big brother generously offered his home, the Milton Hilton (a section of Oak Ridge) as we call it, as a place of residence if I can’t find further employment and can’t afford to live in my condo.   I warned him that with the coming insurrection, he may be the one looking for a place to live.  Divorced, and with a son who’ll be graduating from graduate school in the spring, his Milton Hilton is going to be a very tempting target for progressive-minded socialists to seize. 

‘You’ll come home one day,’ I warned him, ‘and find these people on our doorstep, demanding to see the deed to the property and other such papers that prove ownership.  And you won’t be able to provide them with that proof because it’ll be inside the house, which they’ll have barred you from entering.  And even if you can produce the evidence of ownership, they’ll still argue that you’re one person living in a huge, 4-bedroom house that can accommodate at least 8; or 16, if they live there in shifts.  They’ll declare that you’re committing an injustice and send you to some blighted city to live in a cramped apartment because they’ll claim that’s all you need.’

He thought I was full of it.  He thinks the Tea Party is a joke.  He’s also of the philosophy that you can’t fight City Hall.  In short, while he works hard, he’s politically lazy.  However, I must give him credit for keeping up on local politics.  During the last election, he found himself, for the first time, voting Democrat locally because he said the Republicans were an even bigger bunch of crooks.

Don’t be too distracted by the OWSer puppet show.  While the left hand is doing its song-and-dance routine, the other left hand is picking your pocket, brainwashing your kids, and selecting new curtains for your house.


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