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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Redistribution of Husbands

American women are generally not noted for their political activism (or wisdom) unless it concerns them closely:  equal pay, burning bras, or their kids’ education.  Tell them that if Islamism prevails in America they will have to shroud themselves from head to foot, they’ll just shrug.  “Well, it’ll hide the fat.”  Tell them that they can’t drive and they’ll respond, “My husband does most of the driving, anyway.”  Or, “We’ll carpool to work.  It’ll be good for the environment.”  Tell them that their children will have to memorize the Koran and they’ll say, “It’s good to be diverse and study other religions.”

But tell them that that new religion will allow their husbands to marry up to three other women (if they can afford it), and you’ll have a new conservative activist demographic on your hands, one against which the gates of Hell itself will not prevail.

Now that Moammar Khadafy has met his just end, Libya is free.  Shariah Law will be the new and only law of the land.  Not only does that mean the women will be shrouded (which they claim to be proud to do), but that men will be permitted to engage in polygamous marriages – and the women of Libya are, to say the least, “unsettled.”  Up until now, according to the Associated Press report, unrestricted polygamy has been “limited and rare for decades.”  A Qaddafi-era law that placed restrictions on multiple marriages, which is a tenet of Islamic law, or Shariah, would be done away with.  The law, which stated that a first wife had to give permission before others were added, for instance, had kept polygamy rare in Libya.

The New York Times cries that it’s a “sizable step backward for women.”  The Times, never a fan of conventional marriage, ought to be celebrating.  Think of all the divorces polygamy will prevent.  Women can share in their labor and resources, no?  One wife can look after the tribe, while the others go out to work.  It’s communal living at its most convenient.  No one in a true commune even worries about being married.  Free love.  Free laundry service.  Community property.

American men, of course, think one wife is plenty and then some.  From their point of view, they’ve got to be thinking, with a shudder:  “Why would anyone want four wives?!”  Osama Bin Laden had several wives and over 20 small children in his house.  His killing wasn’t an assassination in men’s eyes; it was a mercy killing.  Bigamy is a criminal offense in Britain carrying a maximum jail term of seven years. To avoid prosecution, already-married Muslim men may hold an under-the-radar religious ceremony called Nikah which is never registered as a civil marriage.
This practice provides opportunity to exploit the UK’s ample social benefits system, as described by the Daily Mail:  Multiple marriages are encouraged by a welfare system which allows a second, third or fourth wife to be treated as a single mother who gets a house and an array of other state payments for herself and her children.  Controversially, it means that a man can take a new spouse (from anywhere in the world), sire any number of children with her, and yet have no responsibility for this family’s upkeep or care.

Still, in Islam men deal with the nuisance of having four wives and all that noise by beating them when they get out of line.  American men deal with it by getting themselves divorced and then remarried, often taking on the same number of dependents as their Islamic counterparts.  Both alternatives are expensive and unpleasant for one side or the other.

Americans gladly turn a blind eye to all the other perils of Islam – the stonings, beheadings, and beheadings.  They’re perfectly complacent with allowing their own God to be drummed out of the school.  They even submit to having their children’s Halloween costumes banned.

But polygamy is Islam’s Waterloo.  They may yet reign victorious in this matter.  Americans are awfully stupid and spineless.  We’ve allowed ourselves, after all, to being brainwashed into believing that it’s perfectly okay for little boys to prefer dressing up as a Disney princess than as Darth Vader (it’s not going to be “okay” under Sharia Law).  We’re fine with homosexuals getting married.  We say nothing about the smutty garbage that Hollywood produces.  We pay exorbitant fees to watch shows promoting the normality of teenage pregnancy.  Legalization of marijuana is underway, with all the attendant unforeseen consequences.  Our Media is congratulating Occupy Wall Street on the success of its modern French revolution, complete with (for the time being) mock beheadings, repeated violence against the police, and blatant calls for anarchy and communism (in that order).  They may have only just begun the battle for polygamy, the last great obstacle in the acceptance of Islam.

Or polygamy may be Islam’s downfall.  American women will consent to much (pole-dancing has become the new yoga).  But legally sharing their husbands with other women?  The communists have their work cut out for them on that one – a very tough sell.

Hell hath no fury like an American woman dormed.


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