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Monday, October 24, 2011

Police-Bashing Day

Every day seems more and more like The Sixties with the Occupy Wall Street Repeaters.  Today is Police Bashing Day.  What’s next?  Throwing bags of excrement at returning veterans?  In the end, that didn’t work out so well for the Hippies.  No one said anything right away (as they ought to have).  At least no one would record it because we only has the major networks covering the news and you can guess what they thought.

However, Conservatives soon found their voice, thanks to President Ronald Reagan, and every decent citizen was at last able to vent about how badly our Vietnam Veterans were treated.  Right across a very small section of Lower Manhattan is Ground Zero, where police officers (and of course firefighters and emergency personnel) perished trying to save people’s lives. 

No low is low enough for the OWSers to stoop.  Anyone who’s had an accident, a heart attack, been robbed, beaten, stabbed, shot or worse knows the inestimable value of our police force.  They’re the reason people like the Owsers don’t run riot in every neighborhood across the land.  A good friend’s husband is, or was a cop.  I’ve written about a police officer who was murdered in the line of duty.

Cops are the good guys, the heroes.  They’re the ones busloads of tourists should be clicking photos of and asking for autographs, not those miscreants in what New York Post columnist dubbed “The Zuccotti Zoo.”  The Owsers are a disgrace.  The Media has blatantly lied about their peaceful nature, whitewashed their violence, and only after a month, mentioned how they’ve befouled Zuccotti Park.

“Free Speech” means writing letters to the editor, to representatives, to the president.  It permits public gatherings, up to the point that it interferes with the community’s operation.  The Morristown Tea Party was given, and only wanted, three hours on a Saturday.  We respected the requests of the local police department.  We didn’t defy them and we certainly didn’t defile them, even though it was generally known that they weren’t happy about our rally.  Still, they protected us and kept order on the Morristown Green.

Let the NYPD know that you appreciate them, even if you aren’t a resident.  In fact, wherever these awful Owsers are, show your appreciation to your local police department for doing their duty and doing their best to keep these anarchists under control so we may safely walk the streets and go about our business.  Take time today to thank a cop!


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