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Friday, October 21, 2011

Our Number is Up, The Sequel

The End of the World came and went on May 21st and the world went on spinning.  The Christian radio broadcaster Harold Camping was nonplussed; he recalculated his numbers and concluded the End of the World will come today.

Many 21st believers say the Bible contains incontestable evidence. God tells Noah the world will end in seven days; the Bible also equates a day to 1,000 years.  The date of the flood has been set at 4990 B.C., so adding 7,000 years plus one for the missing year “0” produces the year 2011. Translating a Biblical reference to a month and date, from the Hebrew calendar to the Gregorian, results in May 21.

There might be better reason to think today might be the End of the World, at least for some of us.  According to the Space Weather website, “The doomed ROSAT X-ray space telescope continues to descend toward Earth.  Multiple experts agree that re-entry should occur on Oct. 23rd, with most favoring the early hours of the day. Decay time uncertainties exceed 8 hours, so it is still impossible to say exactly where ROSAT will disintegrate.

Sky watchers say ROSAT is bright and easy to see, but photographers are having a hard time catching it. A photographer in Wyoming wrote: “It was easily the fastest-moving satellite I have ever seen, being in such a low orbit and accelerating towards its doom. I barely got off a 'shotgun' 2-second exposure as ROSAT raced between Pegasus and Pisces (image).”
ROSAT is a defunct 2.7 ton German Aerospace Center scientific satellite.  The center says parts of the minivan-sized satellite will burn up during re-entry but up to 30 fragments weighing a total of 1.87 tons (1.7 metric tons) could crash into the Earth with a speed of up to 280 mph.

The satellite orbits the Earth every 90 minutes and scientists can only say that it could hit Earth anywhere along its path, between 53-degrees north and 53-degrees south — a vast swath of territory that includes much of the planet outside the poles.

A mini-van sized satellite would certainly fit the description of Revelations of some kind of ten-pointed flaming star falling out of the heavens.  It could crash anywhere – the Zurcotti Zoo (as the N.Y. Post deems the OWS Occupation site); Washington, D.C.; Disney World; the Middle East, where no one would even notice.

In Biblical times, such an object would have been taken as a sign as the wrath of God and impending doom.  These days, it’s taken as a sign that we need to do a better job of cleaning up space.  Greenies should get themselves hence to the Temple of Epa and make a sacrifice of their Mac computers to the altar of Michelle, the Goddess of PC.

We mere Christians have the rest of today to get down on our knees and pray to God, then go home and start building a fall-out shelter in the backyard.  The current emergency will only be temporary.  The scientists say the sky will fall sometime over the weekend, then they’ll give the all-clear signal.  We pray no one will be hurt.  Then the world will continue on at least for awhile.
However, with the death of Gaddafi, the hordes will be encouraged to continue their juggernaut towards a Muslim caliphate.  They are massing in the Middle East, in the major cities of Europe, America, and in the parts of Asia not already held captive.  They are even massing on our southern borders.  The Mexicans have planted their flag in southern Texas, where government teachers are forcing students to dress in Mexican costumes and pledge allegiance to the Mexican flag.

The Mexicans initially didn’t want Texas; that is, the Mexican government couldn’t get any of their citizens to live north of the Rio Grande.  Now that the Texas economy is booming, like the cartoon Maisey Bird, the Mexicans want the land back.
The end of the world – as we know it – is coming.  Certainly, our enemies are plotting the end of America as we know it.  Obama said so.  The end is not written.  As we have been told, early American coins bore the Latin inscription, translated, “The end is unknown.”  Our enemies may know their intentions, but can no more predict the results than the scientists can say where the End of the World satellite will land.

One thing is certain:  we can prove them wrong.


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