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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Keep the Change"

Hank Williams Jr. was on Fox and Friends and made the politically “insensitive” faux pas of making an analogy between Obama and Hitler.  He wasn’t calling Obama “Hitler”, only comparing his behavior to that of the Nazi dictator.

For this, Williams was denounced and lost his job as the entertainment specialist on Monday Night Football.  But like his father, Williams not only has a way with words, but with lyrics and music, and wrote a song about the direction our nation is taking.

A generation ago, such censure would have meant a death sentence for any entertainer’s career.  But with social media, particularly YouTube, and enough of us who listen to Glenn Beck’s radio program, it’s possible to spread the word – and the music.

Not only is it a great freedom of speech anthem, it’s a terrific song.  Here is the link to Glenn Beck’s new site, The Blaze, and the Hank Williams Jr. video.  Enjoy!


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