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Monday, November 14, 2011

Ohio: Welcome to New Jersey!

Last week, Ohio joined that rare fraternity of states that figures if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.  Ohio voted against curbing public-employee unions shows.  The unions spent huge amounts of money to bring this vote about in their favor.  Money talks, freedom walks.  Hereafter, Ohio voters, like New Jersey voters, won’t need to go to the polls on Election Day because everything will be decided for them.

The question was said to be written in a deliberately confusing manner so that the Ohio voters thought they were voting against public-employee union excess when in fact, they were paving the way for the unions to bankrupt the state.  One mistake Conservative Ohio made was in not exempting the police and fire unions from the fat-cutting.  That enabled the Progressive machine to use scare tactics on Ohioans warning that if they didn’t vote in favor of the unions, their houses would be robbed and then burned down because there’d be no police officers or fire fighters to protect them.

Here in New Jersey, the taxes are so high that the middle class are fleeing their homes for safe-haven states, thanks to those taxes.  Scores of small and middling industrial buildings stand empty.  The police and firefighters in our state are protecting empty buildings because the workers simply couldn’t afford to pay the taxes to support their services.

Justifying law enforcements’ and firefighters’ salaries and pensions is an easy sell.  How are you going to say no?  Teachers, on the other hand.  They take no risks (unless they teach in Newark or Camden), have a 10-month working period, and get to retire at age 55.  When they do teach our children, they teach them false science (climate change) and social ideologies they have no business teaching to our children.

The fear factor doesn’t work so well when it comes to teachers.  Public service workers never should have been allowed to unionize.  Police and firefighters at least don’t have the right to strike, but that agreement was in exchange for being allowed to collectively negotiate contracts.  As they serve a public service, their pay must come from government taxation.  No one minds that.  Good citizens understand that.

What was going on in Ohio that police officers and firefighters wound up on Ohio’s public referendum?  Was it lack of foresight on the part of policymakers or was there some backroom threats made if they weren’t in order to support the other public sector unions?

New Jersey caved in to socialism long ago.  We are the most corrupt state in the union.  It’s taken a really big governor, Chris Christie, a real tough guy, to do battle against the unions.  Alas, thanks to the Democrat redistricting, the Conservative voice has been weakened further.  Our state legislative district map looks like a kid’s drawing of horse:  it’s head is tiny, but it’s got big ears, short legs, and wild tail, and a big backside.

The first act of the public employees of Ohio will be to repaint the state’s welcome signs. 

“Welcome to Ohio:  You’ve just entered the Garden State.”


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