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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Vote, Not Smote

Okay, New Jersey – this is your big chance.  This is your moment.  Sick of the Occupy Wall Street protesters occupying your television screens?  Tired of the antics?  Disgusted by their behavior?  Well, now you can show them how adults behave:  get to your voting booth and show the whole world how America does things.  The right way.  The Constituional Way.

Today is what the U.S. Constitution is all about:  voting for your representatives in our federated republic.  Our representatives take the greater burden of running our country off our shoulders for us.  In order to do that, we must remain informed in order to hold them accountable for their actions.  All it takes is reading the local newspapers and the candidates website, then going to the polling place and making your choice.

The other “choice” which Occupy Wall Street is giving us is to take to the streets 24/7, live in tents, befoul the streets, threaten innocent passers-by, and ruin businesses all because some investor was smarter than you about money and rides around in Mercedes-Benz.  In truth, most billionaires came by their billions honestly, like Steve Jobs.  Only a minority are manipulative crooks and we have the Security & Exchange Commission to deal with them.

Don’t be fooled about who’s responsible for the banking crisis: it began in the Jimmy Carter era with the Community Reinvestment Act, putting people into homes who couldn’t afford them.  Someone ultimately had to pay the bill, and the payers turned out to be us.  If the Progressives fully realize their plan, there will be a total transfer of power until the poor, with their larger families are living in your houses and you’re living in the housing projects.

Countering this trend takes more than mere voting; it requires education, organization, determination, and faith in the American way.  That’s what it takes to present a suitable candidate for office so that when you get to the voting booth, you’ll know for whom your voting and in whose hands you’re placing the fate of our country.

This is no time to push the button or pull the lever with your eyes closed.  Read the names on the ballot and memorize them.  You’ll be seeing the names of the winners again someday.  Make sure that they’re names of honor.

Katie Cole for Mayor of Pompton Lakes.  Good luck, Ms. Cole!  Take that, Occupy Wall Street!


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