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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Housekeeping Chores

Apologies to all my fans for not posting yesterday and over the weekend. The world may be coming to an end, Hell may be freezing over, Obama might win in 2012. But Mom is coming – and worse than that, my two brothers – and if I had to listen to them kvetch about a dirty carpet, dusty furniture, or the sad state of my kitchen cabinets again, the pots and pans would start flying.

Over the weekend, after getting my regular household chores done (laundry, dishes, coupon clipping), I gave the floor a good vacuuming. Then I had to get the rest of the winter clothes out and the spring and summer stuff put away. Then I washed the windows, inside and out. I took this week off just for the occasion of washing my windows and cleaning out the fridge. That was yesterday.

Today was carpet shampooing. I had my own steam cleaner with which my family promptly absconded. By now, it’s been rusting in some junkyard for these past ten years. Pity; it was very light and made it possible to steam clean whenever my cat, Chopin, decided to get even with me for some slight, such as not letting him eat his sisters food.

The result was a very dirty which they once again had the excuse to complain about. Coupon clipping came first because one of the coupons was for the Rug Doctor machine. They only had the regular sized machine which was exactly what I needed. The extra wide version would have cleaned my apartment and my neighbor’s all in one swoop.

The machine is a little heavy to get in and out of the car, but manageable once you get it inside. Running it is something running a jackhammer.   But if you put it in janitorial-strength rug shampoo in it, by gosh, it will suck ten years’ worth of dirt and grime out of your carpet.

I’m thinking that we could use this Rug Doctor machine on the U.S. Capitol, the White House, and the Supreme Court. We have about 20 years worth of grime and corruption to suck out of the corridors and offices before America will be right again. We could use it on all the places that have been occupied as well. But we’ll need to pour in some industrial-strength disinfectant for those places. They should be declared Hazmat Sites: uninhabitable for the next 30 years.


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