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Monday, July 04, 2011

Young Republicans on Parade: Florham Park

Don’t know whether they were all young Republicans, although according to the Harvard Study, if they were out there today celebrating the 4th of July by waving American flags, then they are. But marching along the parade route, camera in one hand and mallet in the other, I photographed Young Republicans on parade in Florham Park, N.J..

Took some takes in between – and sometimes during - marches to satisfy the photographer in me, confusing the crowds and annoying the band at times. It’s terrible being so conflicted, wanting to be a writer, photographer, and musician all at the same time. Did better on the second parade. Played more, but since we stopped more often, was able to get in shots without getting into too much trouble. Couldn’t do this on a judged parade!

But no matter how many hats I juggle, I’m absolutely a 100 percent Conservative American.

Florham Park isn't your typical Main Street parade.  In this parade, the line of march comes to the spectators, who sit in front of their patriotically-decorated homes in lawn chairs and their best Fourth of July attire while the parade winds about their shady (thank goodness) suburban streets.  Here is Florham Park, N.J., on parade:




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