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Monday, June 27, 2011

Christie Slam-Dunks the Press

NBC’s Meet the Press host David Gregory tried to get N.J. Gov. Christie to eat his words. All he got were even more determined words. Gregory was trying to get Christie to admit that he sometimes goes overboard in blasting his critics, only to get blasted himself.

Gregory played back for the videotape of a woman at a town hall meeting attempting to lance the governor by questioning why he sent his children to parochial school instead of public school.

Christie’s answer, as we all know, was: ‘it’s none of your business.’ He reiterated to Gregory how Christie and his wife made the personal decision to send their children to a parochial school, how they for it themselves in addition to the property taxes they pay, and how he thinks every family in the state should have that same chance.

Bravo for Gov. Christie (and his wife)!

New Jersey is a tough little state and Christie is a tough guy. Gregory challenged him on his willingness to be interviewed and answer the tough questions. Christie reminded him that he was being interviewed and he had answered the question. Gregory just didn’t particularly like it. Neither will any of the union-member teachers in the Garden State.


As long as the governor is in his best tough-guy mode, there’s another tough issue we’d like to see him tackle – the appointment of Sohail Mohammed to the Superior Court of New Jersey. The New Jersey State Senate Judiciary Committee will be considering this appointment today, with a possible full vote following the committee meeting.

Right now, it might seem like a good, political decision, a way to pick up votes in cities like Paterson with large Muslim communities. With the elections coming up, our senators will be tempted to approve this appointment. In this politically-correct climate in which we find ourselves, it’s considered not only thinkable but highly dangerous to contest appointing a Muslim to our Superior Court.

Every conservative scholar knowledgeable on the subject has written that the Muslims are playing a deceitful game of Good Muslim/Bad Muslim. Organizations such as CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) have one goal in mind – the establishment of Sharia law in the United States. The governor can consult such authors as Mark Levin, Lawrence Wright, Gerald Posner, Robert Spencer, Ronald Kessler, Norman Podhoretz, Brigitte Gabriel, and Andrew McCarthy. McCarthy was a U.S. District Attorney, so Christie ought to be able relate.

Despite their manifest friendliness, the moderate Muslims seek the same thing their radical brothers do – a worldwide Islamic caliphate. There is no middle ground for them; it’s their way or the highway. Moderate Americans seek to build bridges between the two cultures; the Muslims seek to build a one-way bridge over which they will drag us and separate us from our heritage and our freedom. Once over their bridge, there is no going back.

We Tea Partiers would ask Gov. Christie to seriously reconsider this nomination. The short-term political gains aren’t worth the long-term loss of every sort of freedom we are privileged to enjoy in America. The terrorists who struck on 9/11 didn’t operate in a vacuum. Their whole culture revolves around this one overriding goal. They are not what politicians think they are or wish they were.

Once they are in power – as the governor is about to place one of them – they will never relinquish their position. By the time we realize that we were wrong to trust them, it will be too late, just as it was on 9/11.

Then, when we object and try to undo the damage, their answer will be, “Tough.”


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