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Sunday, June 19, 2011

NBC's Pledge Sand Trap

Golf fans cried “Foul” not “Fore!” when NBC edited God out of the Pledge of Allegiance during its coverage of the U.S. Open at the Congressional Country Club. This was the final round of the golf tournament.

An NBC spokesman claimed that it was an accident that those two words were edited out, that it wasn’t done to upset anyone. He apologized to those who were offended. It would be interesting to know just how those two little words could have been “edited” out. By accident. Why was anyone “editing” the Pledge of Allegiance in the first place?

We know someone has to stand by the bleep button in case anyone says one of the seven deadly words. Hard to imagine anyone say a “bleep” word during the Pledge of Allegiance. Still, some one union hack had to be prepared, just in case.

Now I know some pretty religious union hacks, so I don’t want to paint them all with a broad brush, though it’s hard to imagine your average hard hat watching the U.S. Open. Still, not all union members in broadcasting wear a suit and tie, either.

There must’ve been something in that union technician’s contract that compelled NBC to cover for them. Keep hammering NBC, and they’ll keep digging themselves deeper into that sand trap until this mystery is finally solved.

That technician should know that while they edited God out of the Pledge today, some day, God will edit out the technician.


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