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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Auf Weinersein

Thus ends the ignoble career of Congressman Anthony Weiner, representing New York’s 9th Congressional District (mainly Queens). A man who was said to have spearheaded a program putting troubled teens to work cleaning up graffiti wound up besmirching whatever was left of honor in the United States Congress.

If there was anything more appalling and disgusting than his twitter-pated, lewd twitters of himself to various female recipients, manhandling himself in his underwear, it was the cavalier attitude his own constituents displayed towards his abnormal and disturbing behavior.  Not even the Democrats could countenance his unseemly behavior; they called strongly for his resignation and today, he finally gave in, and announced his resignation. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi must have had to use her outdoor voice with this clueless man. The cries of the Media, the rest of Congress, the Nation, and even the President of the United States fell on deaf and dumb ears.

Mercifully, we should hear – and more importantly – see no more of this pathetic man or his cringe-inducing photos, preening before a mirror in the Congressional gym. The nation will suffer no longer under such embarrassment. We pray this man will find help, indeed, if for no other reason than the sake of his poor wife and unborn child.   Besides, the cartoonists and punsters would soon have run out of ideas for mocking this ridiculous excuse for a Congressional representative.

After pursuing Glenn Beck for so long, unjustly accusing him of poor ethics, Weiner was hung on his own petard.  "The wheels of justice grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly well."


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