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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Holland, Unbound

A Netherlands judge reluctantly acquitted popular Hollander politician and right-wing film-make Geert Wilders of charges of hate speech and discrimination against Islam. The judge ruled that no matter how many Muslims might be offended by Wilders’ views, his statements fell within the legal bounds of political debate.

Wilder has called to halt Muslim immigration and ban the Koran as the purveyor of a violent religion. The judge, Marcel Van Oosten said his claims must be seen in a wider context of debate over immigration policy. While he felt Wilders’ statements about a “tsunami” of immigrants overrunning the country and threatening its culture as “crude and denigrating,” they were also legal. Wilders lives under constant security due to death threats, although he has never called for or endorsed violence, according to Fox News.

In 2008, Wilder produced a film, “Fitna” (Arabic for “ordeal”), a 15-minute documentary featuring Koranic versus against news video of terrorism. Muslims around the world protested its release. But Wilders said his statements represent the views of millions of Hollanders and are protected by freedom of speech laws. He also claimed the charges were politically motivated. Last April, the same court acquitted the chairm of the Arab European League, Abdoulmouthabil Bouzedra, for publishing a cartoon questioning the authenticity of the Holocaust.

American laws bind us even tighter than Holland’s does. Only a few nationally-known authors dare criticize Islam, such as Andrew McCarthy. Between threats of lawsuits, ostracization and even death, even those who dare to criticize Islam perform a nervous dance around their own statements, throwing water on the fire and extinguishing the truth.

Meanwhile, the terrorists grow bolder, especially under the new leadership of al-Zawahiri. Today, a second Fort Hood bomb plot was uncovered. The Media loves to publish stories of “homegrown terrorism.” We don’t need to look abroad for foreign terrorists; they’re right here, within our own boards. What we don’t do is question how they got here or why they’re allowed to remain. Freedom of religion suffices to stifle any debate.

With every day that passes, they remain unacclimated to American culture; it is we who must become acclimated to them, instead. Wilders compared them to the Nazis and he wasn’t that far of base in his assessment. A violent minority can have a devastating effect on freedom.

Wilders is a ram among the Dutch sheep, a border collie who knows how to nip at the heels of his flock and ward off the Islamic predators.


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