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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Classless Society

“New York, New York, it’s a helluva town!” On the Town, 1944

The dream of every American communist, whether they pose as a Liberal, Progressive, Socialist or whatever name they’ve dreamt up for themselves, is to transform the United States of America into a “classless” society, succeeded the other night in Bryant Park in New York City.

Radio and TV host Glenn Beck and his wife Tania, at the suggestion of his daughter Hannah, went to Bryant Park for the HBO-sponsored Bryant Park Film Festival 2011, held every Monday night. Monday’s movie was Alfred Hitchcock’s 1935 classic, The 39 Steps, about a London man who tries to help a counterespionage agent and ends up being accused of his murder.

Glenn has been around New York City for quite awhile, having been on CNN, but has only become a true celebrity in the last two years or so since he began his conservative program on Fox News and took on Liberal icons such as George Soros.

Glenn and his family arrived early to spread out their blankets. As soon as the keen-eyed New Yorkers spotted him (who famously never look up from their brisk walks to their destinations), they began texting and tweeting about his unwelcome presence. They also began harassing him and his wife and daughter.

One angry, 20-something Liberal, according to reports from Glenn’s news organization, The Blaze, was tweeting about the notion of, among other things, spilling wine on them and rousing the crowd up to such a state that they would chase him the length of Manhattan and run him off the island to Staten Island.

Someone did spill what she and Glenn claimed was a glass of wine. The woman sneeringly admits that it had to have been more than half a glass of wine since both Tania and Hannah were soaked. Glenn says no one came to the family’s assistance. The twitter brained woman says people did come to them with napkins. Certainly no one called out the offenders, who insisted the incident was ‘accidental.’

But The Blaze uncovered tweets and photos from someone with this woman’s online name. In one photo, and subsequent tweet, she brags about holding up a sign that says “Fascist Pig” behind him and having a friend take the shot. The photos – in fact, the whole account – were removed.

The reporter also uncovered the name of the woman’s employer ( – a provocative name), as well as past employers (Pepsico). If the information is correct, she’s an advertising and marketing “strategist,” nearer to 30 than 20. If she has an MBA, that means she’s held four jobs in five years. According to her own accounts, Glenn’s security team had to speak to this woman and her companions about their behavior. Some taunts in The Blaze’s “Comments” section on this story criticize his security team. Glenn, being a gentleman, probably instructed them to do nothing.

New York is a terrible city in which to be a Conservative, much less a Conservative celebrity. Already known for their rude, brusque, and frankly nasty manner, you couldn’t expect any better behavior from them than what they displayed in Bryant Park.

New York isn’t just the financial capital of the world – it’s also a “college town” – New York University, Columbia, Hunter, Pace, Adelphi, CUNY, Fordham, Manhattan College, The New School, Pratt, Wagner College, just to name a few. The Big Apple is also famous for its Broadway Theaters, its art galleries, and the United Nations. This is the city that even after the 9/11 attacks has no problem with Muslims building a mosque on the perimeter of Ground Zero.

New Jersey commuters (not so much Long Islanders) tend to shun the city once their workday is done. On any given day, throngs of commuters would stream up into the World Trade Center from the PATH trains, and the same number hurried right back onto the PATH train again to go home. The commuters heading for the Port Authority buses back to Jersey act pretty much the same way. Heaven help you if you fall out of the line of bus commuters. They will stampede you if you try to get back into the line.

Liberals, Progressives, whoever they are, desire a classless society. Their performance in Bryant Park was a good start. No matter what you think of this man, he’s a resident and had an absolute right to sit in that park unaccosted by anyone. If you have a problem with him, call his show and tell him. Better yet, start your own show, blog, YouTube site and criticize him all you want.

This sort of mob mentality, cat-calling someone who “dares” to take up residence in “your” city and threatening to run them out of town, is the path to anarchy and tyranny. We were better than that in the Tea Party. When it was suggested we hold our first rally in Newark, we said, “No way.”

No one came to the Beck’s assistance, Glenn says, or defense, to tell these croissant cretans to knock it off. Being New York, that’s hardly surprising. The name “Kitty Genovese” comes to mind. Rumor is that this murdered woman was a prostitute and possibly even a lesbian and so her Queens’ neighbors turned a deaf ear. Others say none of it is true, that the murderer didn’t give her a chance to cry out. The first lesson in New York attitude-training is MYOB (Mind Your Own Business).

Unless you see a Conservative celebrity. Then you’re at liberty to run them out of town on a ferry, douse them with whatever liquor you have handy, accost them in the rest room, and generally disrupt whatever peaceful activity in which they had been engaged until you came along.

The Liberals (there’s no doubt about their partisan politics, so the word “Liberal” absolutely applies) cry tit for tat. Glenn and his “ilk” oppose homosexuality, fake science, illegal immigrants, Obamacare, and unions, so he’s got what’s coming to him.

They brag that they cheered as he left – after the movie was over. Well, we Conservatives applaud Glenn, too. For being the white-hat wearing, Good Guy, the Gary Cooper hero of the movie.


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