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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

RGGI Strikes Back

Just when we thought our electricity rates were safe, the N.J. Senate voted today to override Gov. Christie’s veto of the RGGI (Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative) bill – Resolution ACR-195. The Liberal Left is continuing its counter-attack against Gov. Christie's decision to pull New Jersey out of the RGGI Cap & Trade scheme.   Tomorrow, the N.J. Assembly will vote on an override, so we need to get the message to them to support Christie’s veto and get our state out of this Progressive Ponzi Power Scheme. 
The Tea Party has sent out a notice saying that we believe it will raise electricity rates and cost jobs. This is not merely a belief; it’s a dead certainty, a sure thing, a foregone conclusion – it’s a fact.

Supporters of RGGI promote it as the first market-based regulatory program in the United States to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Ten Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states have capped and will reduce CO2 emissions from the power sector 10 percent by 2018.  Market-based our tea party signs!

States sell nearly all emission allowances through auctions and invest proceeds in consumer benefits: energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other clean energy technologies. RGGI is spurring innovation in the clean energy economy and creating green jobs in each state.

What it’s actually doing is punishing businesses, already overwhelmed by New Jersey’s taxes, and driving them, and the jobs they provide, out of the state. New Jersey residents will be left with the burden of extremely high and unaffordable electric bills.

This bogus, eco guilt-trip legislation will do nothing more than increase government’s over-reach into our private lives and the business of doing business. The clean energy technologies the progressives promote will do nothing for our increasing energy needs. Real science has proven that not one of them can produce energy efficiently – certainly not by 2018. Studies have proven that green jobs have cost the state jobs, not created them. These “auctions” are nothing but a shake-down of businesses and, by default, consumers.

The legislation is in its last stages. If the Assembly cannot or will not support the governor, one more foundation will be laid for a bureaucratic, anti-Capitalist, anti-freedom government. This is the ultimate “power-grab”.

Send a message to your N.J. Assemblyman immediately, demanding that they vote against this override of Gov. Christie’s veto of the RGGI bill. This is our last chance in New Jersey for the people to keep their power.   The Assembly will vote on this on Wednesday (tomorrow) June 29th.  Our representatives in the Assembly need to hear from us!

Here's a sample of what you can say to the N.J. Assembly Legislators:

"I'm calling to tell Assemblyman/woman (insert name) that I want NJ out of RGGI (Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative), and want him/her to vote "NO" on A4108 and resolution ACR -195. I believe it will raise electricity rates and cost jobs."

When you call you will get an aide and they will communicate your message to the legislator. They may also ask your town to determine that you are in their district.   It is important to call your legislator whether they are for or against RGGI.   Both need to know that you are a citizen that is tuned in and active.


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