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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Gambler-in-Chief

So “The Donald” is throwing his hat into the 2012 Presidential ring, is he? Good for him. Our country is an economic mess, with no remedy in sight. The chances of a Democrat solving the economic crisis are about as good as my co-worker’s chances of hitting the jackpot last night at Trump’s Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.

While you have to wonder at a presidential nominee who’s made his fortune in casino-building and real estate (well, the second’s not so bad). Success is the secret to success. Trump’s a guy who knows how to make money getting other people to spend their money and be happy about it. How happy are you about paying your taxes on April 15th.

But when you spend money at the Taj, or the Plaza (you can’t miss the Plaza, it’s at the entrance to the city, all blazing lights and neon signs), you spend your money in style. Where does all that money that you lost in the one-armed bandits? As one casino employee told me once (it was one of Trump’s AC rivals), “Here it is. Just look around! There’s all your money. The fine carpeting, the ocean views, the lights, the bells, the whistles. Fabulous, isn’t it? And you paid for everything!”

Well, I didn’t, because I don’t gamble. I was there for the New Jersey Emergency Planning Conference, in a hotel considerably less than 1,000 feet from the ocean. Strange thing is, the Jersey Shore rarely gets that ravaged by hurricanes. The hurricanes think Atlantic City is too déclassé; when they come north, and only the lesser hurricanes tend to leave the tropics, they head straight for the Hamptons or the Cape. They prefer to wreak havoc on the better beaches and tear up the more expensive homes. Maybe they just hate Liberals.

We could do much worse than have a business person for president. Steve Forbes tried a run at the office of president 10 or 15 years ago, but the Media just wouldn’t have it. A businessman for president?! Perish the thought. Or if not president, Trump could be the Secretary of the Treasury. Now, there’s a job for him. My company’s CEO would make a pretty nifty president, although he’s said to be camera-shy. He wasn’t shy when I photographed him. However, he has good business sense and everyone respects him. He knows how to handle the Media, he believes in ethnic diversity (which would play well with the Moderates), but he’s definitely a conservative fiscally.

He’s really, really big on education. Our company makes many donations to educational organizations. Our CEO recognizes that if your workforce isn’t educated, you’re not going to get much done. He has a good sense of the American spirit, understands the law (all too well), and is very diplomatic. He’d never think of insulting anyone, no matter how much they deserved it.

But he’d probably rather stay where he is, whereas Donald Trump is active, ambitious, patriotic, and knows where his chips come from. He knows how to please his customers, even when he’s taking their money. He at least gives them their money’s worth in fun and entertainment.

We took a gamble on Obama and lost big time betting on that ponzi scheme called Obamacare. The polls are actually looking pretty good for Trump for President. He’s second behind Mitt Romney in one poll. What have we got to lose by electing Donald Trump president of the United States? He might tell a few government slackers and union hacks – “You’re fired!”


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