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Sunday, March 27, 2011

What's it All About, Gaddafi?

Without the facts, it’s been hard to know what to write about the on-going conflict in Libya. What did Obama call it? “The kinetic operation?”

As Andrew McCarthy points on in his National Review Online column of March 26, “Decoding Libya – Sharia Can Tell Us How this Story Ends”, it is not a democratic war as the West understands it. As with all the Arab nations broiling in what McCarthy calls the “Arab Spring” blossoming with youthful revolts, newfound “militias”, and deposed despots struggling to hold onto their dictatorships, it’s not about democracy but about sharia law.

America has nothing to gain by entering this conflict. We’re already involved in two Islamic wars – in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Not to mention our on-going presence in Bosnia. On how many fronts can the American military fight before it is fragmented, or is forced to reintroduce the draft?

Bill Ayers was yelling at the choir the other night at Montclair University when he denounced missiles being deployed over the Libyan deserts. Conservative Americans no more want this war than they really wanted a war in Iraq, but found themselves defending along party lines.

McCarthy denounces this new “kinetic operation” on four principles:

1. It’s unconstitutional. The presidents, unlike his predecessor, never even asked for Congressional approval in order to become involved.

2. The president has overstepped his authority by declaring a war without consent of the people.

3. With a budget deficit in the trillions of dollars, we can’t afford a third front.

4. McCarthy writes, “We understand neither whom we are fighting for nor the consequences of invading a Muslim country. To apprehend these things requires a rudimentary grasp of sharia. You don’t need a doctorate in Islamic jurisprudence. As I contend in The Grand Jihad, the basics will more than suffice. The problem is that, since the World Trade Center was first bombed in 1993, the government has been telling us that Islam has nothing to do with the jihadist campaign against us, so we have studiously avoided informing ourselves about Islam and its law.”

McCarthy concludes with the wisdom that we should have nothing to do with any Muslim country if we can help it, especially in regard to military conflicts. Their motives are too dubious, their leaders are too treacherous, and their followers too evanescent.

Our best policy is to stay out of it altogether.


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