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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy First Blogoversary!

Today is the first anniversary of my blog. I’m pleased with the success I’ve had with it so far. For that, I first thank God and secondly all my readers around the world. That was probably the most surprising part of all.

I started the blog not simply because I wanted to write a blog; I tried that a few years earlier and it didn’t work out. Writing just to be able to say I was writing just wasn’t good enough. I wanted more and better than that. I wanted a reason to be writing.

Then along came the 2008 election and then the Tea Parties in 2009. The world was in trouble. Much as I’ve liked my job, I wanted to do more than just take funny photos. In a sane and decent world, I would have been happy just to “dance and sing”, as it were. These last 12 years have been wonderful. I’ve made a lot of friends and been to an incredible number of parties (and meetings and so forth). I’ve traveled from Boston to Pittsburgh (that’s as far you can go without flying). Until the Tea Parties, that was enough.

I helped one of the Tea Parties get started and that sat back and let those neighbors run it. They pretty much took my advice, which was all I could really give. Then I just sat back and watched the Tea Parties all across America succeed, and succeed, and succeed.

I’m no good in crowds though. I tend to get lost in teamwork. I do my best work quietly, on my own. That’s when I decided to start my own blog. This was a way I knew I could contribute to the effort to stand up for freedom.

To people who want to start their own blog, the first thing you must have is something to write about. You must have some message that you want to convey. Secondly, you must have an audience. Until you start writing, you won’t have one and then what you write must be something your audience wants to read about.

What you write about will determine the size of your audience. The amount of material available will determine how often you write. You might be interested in movies. There’s a vast number of movies and always a very interested audience.

On the other hand, you might want to about your kids. Your audience is going to be somewhat smaller – relatives and family friends – and it might garner more than a once a week or even once a month blog. If you have kids, you probably won’t have time to write about them more than once a month.

Cooking might be your interest. Or music. Or wine. Whatever your subject, you must be passionate about it. It’s going to be something that literally drags you to your computer, rather you dragging yourself over to force yourself to write. It’s got to be something you just can’t wait to write about and that you’re willing to put something else (though not too important, like feeding your kids) aside to devote that time to writing.

Nothing has ever interested me as much as history and politics, although it was English and Communications I studied in college. Being reasonably versed in Shakespeare is not a bad thing. But being knowledgeable about John Locke and Jean Jacques Rousseau (the dueling philosophers of freedom versus socialism) is pretty neat, too.

Knowing that America doesn’t have much time left is a great motivator for writing every day. So long as freedom is in danger, I’ll have no lack of material for my blog. The more I read and listen to broadcasters like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, Mark Levin and Mark Steyn, Judge Napolitano and Andrew McCarthy (Yay! If you haven’t read The Grand Jihad, you don’t know what you’re missing!), the more inspired I am to write myself and use my God-given freedom of speech.

Thank you, God, for giving me this forum for my spirit, and God Bless America! And thank you, readers!


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