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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The First Day of Spring Cleaning

Today is the first day of Spring. Spring is always a time of new beginnings. I’m busy transforming my small study from its primary as a photography station into a true study. All the project materials that sat on my shelves have been removed and replaced by most of my history and reference books.

Some friends have been cleaning up from the early March flood in which the Ramapo Rive rampaged through their home, as well as those of their neighbors. Someone donated a rocking chair to them during last year’s flood. The couple never got a chance to use it; the chair fell victim to this flood.

According to FEMA regulations, they must dispose of anything that came in contact with the flood, as this rocking chair did. There are some cracks in its rockers that can be repaired and it needs cleaning, obviously. But otherwise, it’s quite a magnificent chair.

When I moved into my home, I discovered another rocking chair. Quite a handsome piece furniture, it took needed a little repair work on its rockers, which we did. The chair’s gold leaf decoration needed some sprucing up, so I bought some gold leaf paint and touched it up. The chair is now the centerpiece of my living room.
The trouble is, my brothers are huge. Charlie especially loves this chair, but he’s six foot five. I’ve seen the chair bend under his weight. When I examined the chair upon contemplating this other, larger rocking chair, I discovered that Charlie had, indeed, cracked the wood at its joints. My beloved chair, “Mr. Jefferson”, can be repaired, but he’ll have to be retired to the study and the larger chair, once it’s cleaned up, will take the other chair’s place. When you have huge brothers fond of rocking chairs, you need a huge chair to accommodate them.
There’s more to tell about the March flood and the couple that let me rescue the rocking chair. All this collecting and moving about, though, prevented me from writing today’s blog.

One item in the news bothered me, though, and I must say a word about MSNBC host Lawrence O‘Donnell declaring that the Bible’s Book of Revelation is a “work of fiction” about a “truly vicious” mass murdering God that “no half-smart religious person actually believes.”  Somehow people like O’Donnell believe that God can’t or shouldn’t get mad when He watches humankind flouting all His commandments. A Japanese government official was chastised for reflecting that the quake and tsunami were God’s punishment upon the Japanese. He was forced to make a public apology.

I don’t know anyone who has an extended lease on life. We are on God’s good humor. How do we know it was God, anyway, and not that “other guy” causing all the problems? But for those who are afraid these events are “acts of God,” there’s a simple solution.

Pray.  I knew I needed a Charlie-sized rocker but had no idea how I would get one.  Ask and you shall receive.


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