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Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Anti-Christ

When we think of the term Anti-Christ, we assign the word “anti” the meaning of being opposite, that is, the “opposite” of Jesus Christ. But for the Islamists, the word also has the meaning of being “opposed” to Christ, an opposition that crosses into virulent hatred.

I’d been reading Sayyid Qutb’s book “Social Justice in Islam.” I’d taken it with me to the movies to read while waiting. Once the movie started, I knew I’d put it in my bag and was sure I’d taken it into my house with me. I was debating whether to read some more of it or a magazine, and decided I’d had enough of its flagrant and misleading rantings against Jesus so I chose a magazine instead. When I got up this morning, I couldn’t find the book.

It wasn’t in my bag, on my kitchen table, on my coffee table, beside or under my bed. It wasn’t in my car, my kitchen, or on a bookshelf. Either I was mistaken and it fell out on my way to my car or something weird happened to it. I finally gave up and proceeded on to the next book on my list, “They Must Be Stopped” by Brigitte Gabriel. She gives just as thorough an account of Islam and the Koran, without the Qutb’s noxious salesmanship.

We in the West really do not, as Gabriel and others have insisted, understand Islam. Gabriel says we mistakenly refer to Islam’s followers as Muslims and other names such as Tartars and Moors, but the proper term should be Islamists.

“There is none but Allah,” the Islamists say, and they mean that literally. Allah has no partner. He has assigned messengers over the centuries – Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed. But no one else can claim his throne. They especially object to Jesus’ claim of being the Son of God and that He has no divinity. He was simply another teacher.

Islam is all encompassing. Their notion of freedom is quite different from ours. Islamists believe that if the world becomes one community, under Shariah law, or murdered if they refuse to accept the tenets of Islam, sinning will be outlawed upon pain of death, and therefore no one will sin and they will enter paradise.

If the communists think they have an ally, they should know that the Islamists regard them as irreligious dogs. They’re only useful because they share a common belief in the redistribution of wealth. Islamists believe that Christians are too much concerned with the world to come and not enough about this one. Given freedom of will, and the concept of forgiveness, Christians go about flouting all the Christian laws. According to the Islamists, only Shariah will set you free.

Throughout history, the Islamists have usurped the portions of a different religion that they agree with, lay claim to it as their own, and then outlaw the religion from which they stole their tenets. Islam is something of a jig-saw puzzle of a religion. Some parts of it you would say you understand, others, not so much. Only when you piece it all together, do you begin to develop a bad taste for it. For Christians, their true revilement of Jesus Christ is the true revelation of Islam’s danger to our religion and our society.

That is why anyone who believes a bridge can exist between Islam and Christianity – or any other religion or political believe (Islam is both religion and political belief) – is a dreamer, a liar or a fool. To accept their tenets is to deny the divinity and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

In attempting to show respect for Islam, without understanding it, we do the gravest disservice to Christianity.  We have Jesus to thank for our reconciliation with God; it is because of Him that we and God are on speaking terms.  You’re either for Jesus or you’re against Him.  Heaven help you if you’re the latter.


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