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Monday, March 28, 2011

My Kind of Tea Partier

We members of the North Jersey Regional Tea Party received some sad, and sort of shocking news, this weekend. NJRTP co-founder Pat Blair passed away on Saturday.

I didn’t know Pat very long, but I knew I liked her immediately the first time I met her; she was my kind of tea partier. There are two kinds – the college-educated refined suburbanite and the working class, nobody’s fool type. Pat worked tirelelessly for the NJRTP and for various community organizations in her city of Clifton.

When an outside influence sought to disrupt the newly-found North Jersey Tea Party, Pat fought like a tiger and showed that influence the door in no uncertain terms. She didn’t dilly-dally about whether she was being politically correct or politically polite; her invitation was clear and to the point: “Get out!”

I helped her with some information on that score and we became great e-mail pals. She was busy and didn’t always have the time. But I was always glad to see her. I was so disappointed at the last meeting I was able to attend when I found she wasn’t there. She’d been sick on and off for awhile. I never got to see her again.

My last e-mail from her was just a few days ago regarding the fluorescent light bulbs. She was on e-mail list for my blog.

“I’m glad you sent this to me,” she wrote. “Again – great minds…”

Think alike. I liked the way Pat thought and cared about what was going on. She was a fun person, down to earth, tirelessly active, a great Tea Partier, and a great American.

Godspeed, Pat. We’ll all miss you.


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