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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hold Your Fire

The news that 24 percent of Republicans believe Obama might be the Anti-Christ isn’t even a week old, and already, militant extremist militia groups are ready for the Battle of Armageddon.

Their guns are drawn and their targets in site. They’re ready for Jesus to come down here in that cloud of rapture and bear them away to glory.

Only Jesus isn’t quite ready, yet, and neither are we. We’ve only put our big toes in the water here.

Undoubtedly, Nanny Pelosi’s mocking mug drove these guys, and their comrades in arms, mad with rage. They chose some poor cop, however, in some little town as their first example, allegedly planning to shoot the mourners at his funeral.

Thank goodness for the FBI. They’re experts at handling nut-jobs. Long experience, I guess.

We’ve a long way to go before we reach that epic battle, where firearms might, might I say, be necessary, as a last, desperate measure. Regretfully, even peaceful Jesus acknowledged as much.

Before the world comes to an end, America must come to an end. The government will have to strip us of all our rights first. Our right to free speech, to freedom of religion, to being able to establish a militia, to a right to trial by jury, and all the rest.

Obama might just do it in one, fell swoop, tearing up the U.S. Constitution. He’s already taken over the banking, insurance, education, and car manufacturing industries. He’s determined to finish off the other private sector industries with Cap and Trade.

He rammed through Health Care in a strange contortion of legislative maneuvers, using all the usual politic tricks at his disposal – bribery, threats, corruption, scandal. Then mocked the American people for opposing him.

Then the government will begin throwing us in prison for opposing them, protesting, and criticizing them. For practicing our religion. For disputing their scientific theories. For daring to educate our own children or citing the Founding Fathers.

For threatening the U.S. government. For treason.

Nanny Pelosi must be laughing hysterically now. This extremist militia group, plotting a pro-active coup, rather than a defense of home and country, has given the Liberals exactly what they wanted – an excuse to repeal the Second Amendment.

The FBI might not like to hear it, but a “well-regulated militia” is the last defense of a free people against a tyrannical government. We just haven't arrived at freedom's last stand yet.

But removing that protection will make removing the other “weapons” of freedom and democracy much easier.

Stand down, you militia guys. Freedom still has a fighting chance.


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