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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Most Powerful Woman in the World

ABC News was called in right after the Health Care Reform “triumph” to do damage control on the woman they deemed “the most powerful woman in the world.”

Nancy Pelosi. Poker-Face Pelosi. The Face That Launched a Thousand Flips.

Reporter Diane Sawyer asked her what she thought of this distinction. Straight-faced, Nancy demurred that it was very nice to hear. Gone was the Joker-Faced smile, always painful to watch (and even more painful to maintain, I daresay).

According to Sawyer, Nancy’s poker face is her trademark. Such a smile invokes maximum aggravation, irritation, and frustration (and scars on the insides of her mouth from the wires holding it up), leading an opponent to costly emotional errors in the game.

Only this isn’t Monte Carlo. Or Las Vegas. Or a James Bond flick, with Nancy as the anti-Bond girl. The stakes are much higher. She’s gambling with our lives and her cavalier attitude didn’t win her any points back home on Main Street.

Her favorability ratings are at 11 percent. But she got what she wanted and she intends to get more. Damn the defiant Tea Parties; full speed ahead.

Tea Party leaders would warn us, rightly, that a poker face is no joke. We must be circumspect in our strategy leading up to November.

Letting this mocking puppet provoke us into emotional, rather than rational, arguments could lead us further into the trap. We cannot afford to yap like terriers at her teasing, noisy but ineffective, and irritate our neighbors. We can’t bite her, either.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t let them know a burglar is in the bedroom, however.

Former President Gerald Ford said, “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take everything you have.”

Time and again, we’ve been led into government’s snare of all-encompassing social security. Once caught, we find it hard to extricate ourselves again.

Time Magazine published a caustic article deriding Conservative attempts to perform its own damage control. They listed “Five Reasons Republicans Should Let Go of Health Care.”

In the first reason, the article cites Obama advising the Democrat House Caucus that we’ll discover that ‘lo and behold, nobody is pulling the plug on granny.’

No, they’re just going to let granny die on her own, basically. The Medicare snare is tightening around their necks. Like the drugs they hooked a generation on in the Sixties, our elders are now financially addicted to this government health care solution.

Are their arthritic hands tied? You bet. And now the government has cut the service by $500 million, just to show us what it can do and laugh in our faces.

It also demonstrates to us why we should do everything we can to repeal this law before we find ourselves enslaved in a worse situation.

No. 2: Repealing the bill is popular with the base, but impossible to pull off without the numbers in Congress. No, we can’t put the cart before the horse. But nothing is impossible for the American people. If they want to, they will move heaven, earth, and hell to get the government off their backs. Ever hear of Prohibition?

No. 3. In opposing reconciliation, we’d cut off our noses to spite our faces. Go back and see No. 1.

No. 4. The courts have a long history of federal law taking precedence over states’ rights. Ahem, Medicare and Medicaid. Ahem, they also have a long history of ignoring the Constitution that gave the states’ those rights.

No. 5. We’ve been labeled “The Party of No.” Well, someone has to be the adult and take responsibility.

The Democrats are depending upon a seven-month advertising blitz and campaign appearances by Obama to see them through to the November elections. They plan to offer all the “goodies” to the public, and be well re-elected before the Jan 1st deadline when group health insurance premiums will skyrocket 300 percent.

Ever since the Tea Parties began, pundits have fretted over our public image. Would Main Street America join us, or shun us, fearing we’re the 21st version of The Hippies? Americans just don’t do those things. They don’t take to the streets, like gutter rats.

Here’s the thing about the Tea Partiers and the Hippies. In the Sixties, the protesters sang, “Blowin’ in the Wind” – a double entendre about war and drugs. The 21st century Tea Partiers sing “God Bless America”.

The Hippies burnt flags; we wave them. The Hippies drove psychedelic VW vans; today’s parents drive SUVs with car seats in the back. The Hippies wore lovebeads; we wear funny hats (so sue us!).

The Hippies smoked dope and wore flowers; after one N.J. Tea Party, the Tea Party donated its money back to the park’s caretakers to restore the landscaping, and patronized the local tea shop.

Liberals hope to frighten the public away from us, the way they alienated the public four decades ago. But our public rallies are organized and peaceful. No one has ever used tear gas to disperse us. We don’t lay down in front of traffic until the police cart us away.

And we don’t hurl bags of feces at American soldiers; we honor them.

You’ll never find positive images of us in the state-controlled Media. If people want to know the truth, they’ll just have to come see us for themselves on April 15th.

The Media’s derision of us is laughable, given Nancy Pelosi’s performance this past week. The picture of her with the sledge hammer is worth a thousand-word bill.

In fact, it just puts a smile on your face.


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