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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

For Whom the Belle Tolls

As yesterday’s blog was too long – responding to the very interesting and satisfying commentaries of Mssrs. Beck and Limbaugh – today’s will be briefer.

Obama signed the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act into law yesterday at high noon – high time we learned the bill’s actual name – and the media rang their bells in jubilation.

This law sure doesn’t ring my bells. Nor those of anyone I know, save my communist friends who laugh at my dudgeon. It doesn’t ring my bells that my group insurance premium is going to increase 300 percent after January 1st. But I’m sure going to ring the warning bell about it.

Incidentally, I really am a bell player. Orchestra bells. Glockenspiel. Chimes. There are many patriotic “Belles” running around the internet these days, and more power to every one of my sister “Belles”.

But when it comes to ringing bells, I believe I’m the expert among them. The only bell I would ring at this juncture is the bell of warning. Not mourning. Not yet. Just warning.

It’s a warning not just for patriotic Americans, but for arrogant Democrats who feel secure in their victory. It’s a warning we did not heed two years ago when the campaign began. As early as the Spring of 2008, we were cautioned not to be fooled by glossy magazine covers.

A spam making a hit on the Internet these days speaks of Obama as a fool. But only those who were fooled by him are fools. He is no fool; Obama has accomplished exactly what he promised he’d do. He’s also preparing to open the floodgates of illegal immigration.

People who have no stake in the country other than as a plot of ground to plunder will arrive in the next month to ensure a Democrat victory in November.   Or maybe they're planning an October surprise.  Who knows?

Do you know how the middle class in Mexico City lives? In fortresses, behind walls that are difficult to scale.

In fear.

No “mere fool” could be so insidious. The smell of corruption fouls the wind, stings the nostrils, and makes one’s neck bristle. In this the season of treason, who has more to fear, loyal Americans, or the elected officials who betrayed our trust?

If Nancy Pelosi and Judge Sotomayor are so powerful, what are the Democrats afraid of? Maybe it’s that they know what they would do, if the positions were reversed.

Why else would one of their legislative plans include regulating the Internet and Talk Radio, breaching the First Amendment? If they plan to unleash upon us a torrent of illegal aliens, what use could either be to us, if political redress is no longer an expedient?

The hives of the Tea Parties are already abuzz with excitement, anticipating the battle ahead. Those who fooled us will pay for their lack of foresight and they will be stung.

To paraphrase poet John Donne, ‘Ask not for whom the Belle tolls; she tolls for thee.’


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