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Friday, March 26, 2010

Doomsday Democrats

“Men at some time are masters of their fates.
The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.”

According to a new poll out, 24 percent of Republicans believe Obama is the Anti-Christ. The Big A.C. Gee, I wonder where they got that idea? Obama, for his part, dismisses Armageddon as asteroids and comets, fireworks, the stuff of kooks, not a battle between good and evil.

Years ago, a friend taught me astrology. The topic of the Anti-Christ is popular among astrologers. Like the Masons, though, they prefer to keep their secrets, and this date is one of them. They’ve shared it with many Liberal fanatics but not many Christian extremists. Those fanatics are waiting for a sign from God, not the stars.

Just as they won’t tell you when you’ll die, revealing this awful birth date is against the astrological code. They only teach the death-date calculation to their most trusted students.

My teacher wouldn’t teach it to me and I really didn’t want to know when I was going to die. But I was curious about the Anti-Christ’s birth-date. On my solemn vow I would never share it, she revealed the theoretical date and even the manner of the arch-villain’s ascendancy.

I can tell you this, readers: it’s not Obama. He’s really close. But no cigar. He’s not the Devil Dude incarnate. However, while he may not be the Anti-Christ, he sure is the Anti-American.

The prophecies say that this Anti-Christ’s life would parallel, seemingly, the life of Christ. He would preach peace, heal the sick, and lead the young. Hmm. But to an evil, rather than beneficial, end. Of the world.

If the parallel theory holds any water that you can walk on, revealing the date would bring about the murder of many innocent people born on that date whose only crime is being frightfully incompetent at relationships.

Besides, who wants to be the Prophet of Armageddon? The Prophet of Doom? Geesh. On the other hand, while he’s not the Anti-Christ, Obama’s chart does have, shall we say, “issues.” If I were him, I’d be doing everything possible to help prove the Birthers right.

I abandoned astrology as anything more than a hobby years ago. People asked me to cast their horoscopes and I’d refuse. I just didn’t want the responsibility of telling people what to do. If you have a serious question or problem, ask God. He’s always listening.

Besides, you don’t need astrology to tell you what’s going on here. People – a small percentage, 24 percent – believe Obama’s the Tyrant of Tyrants. Golly, I wonder why they think that?

He’s been bowing to heads of state all over the world. Hardly the act of the future king of Hell on Earth. Obama’s mentors are the world’s worst tyrants. Quite a fraternity.

Still, Democrats are said to be living in mortal terror from death threats. Yet when Obama signs the illegal aliens amnesty bill, he’ll unleash an army of Mexican drug dealers, murderers, rapists, and gang members upon helpless American citizens. Don’t talk to us about fear.

Then, he plans to grant voting rights to all felons. He’s interested in throwing out the First and Second Amendments of the Bill of Rights altogether, so that we’ll be defenseless figuratively and literally. The God Police may arrest us if we publicly pray to the Almighty for help.

He’s declared himself a Citizen of the World. He wants the U.S. to adopt a world currency. He campaigned for President of the United States in Europe. He’s admitted that he’s an opponent of the U.S. Constitution and believes in the Marxist principle of “spreading the wealth.”

His credentials for the presidency, beyond one term as a State Senator and one as a U.S. Senator, consist of a university professorship and a stint as a “community organizer,” helping the poor.

While helping the poor is hardly a sign of evil incarnate, his motives and methods are questionable, not to mention his associates. His cadre consists of radical, left-wing Sixties activists committed to destroying the nation, haters of liberty all.

What’s more, Americans are observing more and more intrusion on their privacy and more government regulation of everyday life. There’s a tax or regulation for everything. There’s even news of a new monitoring device for cars that will record your driving speed.

With Nancy Pelosi’s aid, he rammed the Health Care Bill through Congress without revealing the bill’s contents until five days after it was passed. Congress passed the bill without making any corrections. They rectified it, correcting some passages, but adding even worse mistakes.

Obama’s preacher shouted, “God damn America!” and his wife vowed on the campaign trail that she was “finally” proud to be an American. All of this only points to the end of America, not the end of the world.

However, Obama has a counterpart on the other side of the world.

As Obama is Christian and American, but of divided parentage – one Christian, the other Muslim – this counterpart is the reverse: a full Muslim, with divided parentage, who also had a Christian mother and a Muslim father.

Even without astrological calculations, it’s not hard to figure how all this adds up. There is no mystical conjuring involved in putting together these concrete facts. What the sum will be of this union is anyone’s guess.

Are we on the brink of a worldwide holocaust? That depends on us, not the stars. Or asteroids. We can plunge over the brink. Or those who have brought us to that brink can step back from it.

Maybe he needs to think about his image when he bows to foreign potentates. Those with any knowledge of Islam are aware that “Islam” means “peace” and “submission”.

Maybe he, Congress, and the state-controlled Media need to rethink their boil-the-frog program of sweeping legislation. Americans aren’t as docile as they think, although they are boiling mad.

Maybe they need to step back on their condescending attitude towards the American public. Maybe they should stop lecturing us paternally, explaining how they know what’s best for us. Perhaps they need to stop acting like wolves, and we, like sheep.

Then, too, maybe they need to stop trying to replace God. They’ve thrown Him out of the schools, the Media, and even the public square. They’ve planted their Liberal flag on all of these venues, even denying school kids the right to play Ave Maria in a band concert, for God’s sake.

If you don’t want people to think you’re the Anti-Christ, maybe you shouldn’t act like him.

It would be nice if we could leave the Battle of Armageddon to some future generation to worry about. The Christians, incidentally – that is, the true believers – are ready for it. ‘Bring it on!’ they’ve exclaimed. I don’t know that the rest of us are quite ready, though.

We could sue for peace, at the price of our liberty. Some people just don’t care. They want the free stuff and don’t care what the ultimate price is. They’re the same dangerous people who owe thousands of dollars in debt on their credit cards. They don’t care about that, either.

Personally, I’d prefer to see Armageddon permanently relegated to the realm of Sci-Fi Horror movies. Both fanatical camps on this side of the ocean are at fever pitch for this catastrophe. We pawns in the middle aren’t so sure about all of this.

On the other side of the ocean, opposition to this world tyranny is vanquished. Osama Bin Laden promised only yesterday to commit yet another attack on America, and Europe is in her shadow, but under the sway of Liberals.

If we really want to help future generations avoid such a battle, it would be well if we didn’t pave the way smooth for that distant war. We think we’re frolicking on a meadow. But our line of sight is blinded to the huge gulf right in the middle of that pleasant field.

Sadly, the idolatry and reverence with which Obama’s loyal followers worshipped him along the campaign trail suggests they will not yield the ground they’ve gained. They will not step back but continue their juggernaut towards totalitarianism. It is a conquest long in planning.

His adherents display all the fervor of religious zealots. They chant mantras, react violently to dissent, and play psychological games with their adversaries. Reason falls on shuttered ears. They are a cult.

They implore us, with feigned weariness, to give up the fight, badgering us with loaded questions, as a prosecutor might ask an innocent man why he raped his wife. “Why do you hate the poor? Why do you hate immigrants? Why do you hate minorities? Why do you hate?”

Therefore, it is Conservatives’ responsibility to prevent the catastrophe. We need not submit. Indeed, we must do everything within our power not to consent to this overthrow of good. Will we provoke the other side by defying them, and precipitate what we fear and wish to avoid?

Maybe. We never imagine evil happening here in America. We could never imagine a tyrant rising to power, least of all in genial guise, greeting us from magazine racks. We never imagined 9/11. We can’t imagine an Armageddon and don’t want to think about it.

We were told we ourselves were to “blame” for 9/11. We will be “blamed” for repudiating the Health Care Reform law. We were told the sick would die if we didn’t enact this measure. We’ve been told a lot of things. We’ve been told a lot of lies.

They will try to frighten us with evil consequences for rejecting their measures, promising riots, bloodshed, nuclear holocaust. Global warming. We must resist them, despite their threats, despite the hard work it will entail, despite the criticism and negative publicity we’ll endure.

The bully will cry foul if he bloodies our nose, blaming us for being passive-aggressive. The victim shouldn’t have talked back, declares the principal, so they’re both at fault.

Conservatives, politicians and pundits alike, complain that repealing the health care law is virtually impossible. Nevertheless, we are bound to make the attempt. We must pull back from the side of wrong every voter we can, through patient, relentless persuasion.

Violence now will only ensure that we’re pitched over the cliff prematurely. We mustn’t let fanatics drive us to that edge. We can do this legally, honorably, and peacefully. We are not fanatics or barbarians; just patriots who love their freedom.

Yes, we must shout. And whisper. We must carry signs and we must sign petitions. We must make ourselves visible, and not skulk. We must, at times, meet in secret, and not reveal our strategies. We must practice peace, but anticipate violence.

We owe it to ourselves, as Americans. We owe it to future generations. We owe it to God.

Our options are almost apocryphal. A truly evil choice is laid before us: yield to tyranny, with an illegitimate peace, or defend freedom now through the democratic process, while we still can, before we’re compelled to fight for freedom through arms.

Choose well and choose wisely. Because failure is not an option.


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