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Friday, October 05, 2012

From Russia, With Thanks

Post-Debate Trauma


The Democrats and the Liberal Media were in post-traumatic shock yesterday after the Presidential debate on Wednesday night.  All but David Axelrod, Obama’s senior advisor, admitted that Obama blew it.  Van Jones:  “Romney Out-Obama’d Obama.”  Chris Matthews was simply beside himself with rage that Obama let Romney win.  As Michelle Malkin wryly noted, the tingle is definitely gone.


Really, you have to do better than simply repeat that your opponent is a liar.  The supposed “tax-break” for outsourcing jobs is mainly fiction.  The fact is that the U.S. has the highest corporate tax rate in the world.  Companies will pick themselves up and go someplace else if the taxes – and the labor rate – are lower.  Another simple fact is that both China and India have larger populations and as result, lower labor costs.


Yesterday, Obama was back out on the campaign trail, hale and hearty once more, bouncing around like Rocky Balboa, proclaiming that he’ll come back stronger next time and maintaining that Romney is a liar.  His behavior is rather like that of a yippy little dog that backs away from the menace of a larger dog, but once the larger dog moves on, the little mutt springs forward again barking furiously to prove how he drove off the intruder.


Obama’s weak performance may have taken Romney by surprise; he certainly looked surprised – and pleased.  He mustn’t count on Obama to make that mistake a second time.  Stupid as it sounded, Al Gore may have been right about the altitude, not to mention the traveling it took to get to Denver from Las Vegas, and the late hour at which he arrived there, 2 p.m.  There may have been other factors involved as well, all of which were good for Romney.  The altitude may not have had anything to do with it, on the other hand; Romney may have simply sucked all the oxygen out of the room.


The next time they meet, the topic will be foreign policy.  To a Conservative mind, it’s a clear disaster for Obama, with our Libyan ambassador assassinated and the region in even more upheaval than it was.  There’s also the problem of whether he has made a deal with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi for the release of the Blind Sheikh.  The killing of Bin Laden is a plus in Obama’s column; the Arab “Spring”, not so much.  Let’s hope that Romney has the courage to tackle this issue head on, and what a danger a potential Muslim caliphate poses to the free world.


Romney is in favor of decreasing our dependence on foreign oil.  He also said he favored Green energy, probably in a nod to Independent voters.  Independent voters can be strangely ignorant about the environment, especially in regards to wind energy and even solar energy.  They want to be seen as popular and “open-minded” and accept the Green movement’s assertions without checking into the facts.  Wind energy is wildly expensive, notoriously inefficient, ineffective, unreliable, and dangerous.  There is no way to store the energy, predict the wind and weather, or maintain the giant behemoth wind turbines.  Wind developers earn all their money upfront, with generous grants from the government.  Investment firms like Goldman Sachs made a fortune building the machines, leaving the communities with all the problems.  Because they’re so inefficient, it takes a great number of these machines, whose manufacture is subsidized by the government (think Solyndra), to create about 25 percent of the energy required by your average community.  Spain was on the verge of bankruptcy because of its “investment” in wind turbines.

Romney would do well to read up on the other side of wind energy before he endorses it as president.  There are problems with solar energy as well.  Solar panels do represent a 45 percent reduction in energy costs for your typical business (or home).  But they cause their own environmental impact problems including glare, fires, and theft.  If you’re worried about global warming, solar panels will contribute to it; they don’t just heat the inside of building but throw off heat as well.  In a state like Arizona, they might work marvelously well.  In a state like New Jersey, well, that’s why Big Brother, a facilities manager, reported a 45 percent reduction instead of 100 percent.

Romney has another advantage in the foreign policy:  Obama’s image as a leader.  The statistics on his bowing average must be stupendous.  Whether Romney will consider such a point beneath him to make is the question.  Another fact is the billions of dollars Obama has spent on foreign enemies.  Then there’s the issue of cutting military spending, until the United States is no better than a second-world country.  Obama is on record as having stated this as one of his goals.

Romney will be able to enter his next debate fairly confident, but he should be prepared for more mudslinging.  Obama will still be on his high horse about the outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries.  The answer is to cut the corporate tax rate.  It’s that simple, but something Obama will not do since he’s anti-capitalist and considers corporations “evil empires.”  Our double A credit rating is proof of his agenda and his success.

There are factions in those foreign countries who still look to America as the greatest country on the earth, providing the most opportunities for success.  They still love their native lands, like The Nephew’s girlfriend.  They want their countries to be more like America, at least the America of Ronald Reagan, and hopefully, Mitt Romney. 

I have readers all over the world.  A Russian reader sent me this comment (in regard to a post about Obamacare): 

Хорошая статья, искренне, мне очень понравилось,
 вы вообще постаянно радуете читателей своими постами.
 здесь с многим сложно не согласится.
 от всего сердца продолжайте в том же духе.

Translated, it says (more or less):

“Good article, sincerely, I really liked it,
you all are coming from readers of their posts.
here with many difficult not agree.
from the heart, continue in the same spirit.”

That’s the best advice we can give Mitt Romney:  continue in the same spirit.




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