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Sunday, September 30, 2012

So Many Activities, So Little Time

Bloomingdale Pride Day is always a busy day for me, especially considering I’m no longer a resident of the town.  I had about 15 minutes for photographers before I had to put away my camera and take up my station behind my orchestra bells for the Bloomingdale Cornet Band.  Although I didn’t play them half the time because we have new director who’s big time into rock music, so I was banging away on the claves, instead.  Something called “Rolling in the Deep” by someone named Adele.  It was a big hit with the teenager girls.

Then it was time to pack up the musical instruments and pull myself into my Molly Pitcher costume to help out the Bloomingdale-Wanaque Tea Party.  That was pretty much it for the photography.   But here are a few photos from yesterday’s Pride Day or country town (bedroom community) fair, just to let you know how much we all enjoy living in a small town like Bloomingdale.  I missed getting the PTA and Fortune Telling tents because I was on a five-minute warning for the concert.


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