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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Debating a Carnival Barker

How do you debate a liar?  How do you debate a carnival barker who’s peddling Obamacare Health Tonic?  The obvious answer will be to tell the truth and expose the lies.  Let us hope that Mitt Romney is up to the task.

The first of three presidential debates between Republican candidate Mitt Romney and incumbent president Barack Obama will take place at the University of Denver in Denver, Colo.  The debates are being sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates.  Jim Lehrer, hos of NewsHour on PBS, will serve as moderator.

Tonight’s topic is domestic policy.  Obama will be on his stump, confidently displaying a bottle of Obamacare Health Tonic, with his face on it, as a sign of successful government.  Perhaps he’ll cite stories of people who have already been “cured” by government health.  His previous, pre-debate attack on Romney and the woman who died from cancer because she lost her health care didn’t hold water, much less Obama’s assertions. 

Romney had already left Bain Capital by the time her husband’s company closed.  She went on her own company’s health care plan, then dropped it, was uninsured for awhile, then found another insurance, and then seven years later, she died of cancer.

This myth has been dispelled.  Romney shouldn’t have to waste precious moments defending himself on that score, but rather pointing out the more damning facts of the ruinous effect Obamacare will have on our freedom and country.

Obama will point to an “improving” economy – that at least it isn’t as bad as it was.  The economy is part of domestic policy.  But since fiscal Conservatives promote a laissez faire position towards business and free trade, will the moderator favor Obama, since he proposes “policies” – i.e., government regulations – and Romney, as the GOP candidate, favors limited government involvement in business?

The evidence is so overwhelming that government regulations and involvement is an economic disaster, Romney would have to be a pretty poor shot to miss Obama’s mishandling of our economy.  In regards to domestic policy, Obama is a disaster.  Or he would be, if running the country instead of ruining it was his goal.  Pundits give him the benefit of the doubt.  Accusing him of wanting to transform the country and redistribute the wealth is a pretty serious charge, bordering on treason.  And after all, he did give the order to kill Bin Laden, which makes him a hero in his own mind.

Yet, redistributing the wealth and transforming the country were his personally-stated goals during the 2008 campaign.  In that regard, he’s been a tremendous success.  He’s kept his promise.  His own autobiography speaks to his embrace of socialism and even communism.  His mentors were communist.  He chose communist associates and professors in college.  Apparently, he was a star student in such topics as collectivism and deconstructing the U.S. Constitution, with its bothersome, selfish freedoms.

Meanwhile, he’ll paint his opponent, Romney, as one of the disconnected One Percent (extremely wealthy).  Obama will opine that he is carnival barker for the common man.  Obama, who never set foot on the mainland of the United States until he was an adult.  Obama, whose Bohemian mother took him off to Indonesia until she found her second husband had gone over to the “Dark Side” of Capitalism.  She sent him back to Hawaii to live with her parents.  His grandfather was a Communist (like his daughter, an avowed atheist) and introduced young Obama to his hard-drinking poker pal and card-carrying Communist Frank Marshall Davis.

Obama lived the privileged life in Hawaii.  His grandmother was a bank vice president and sent him to Hawaii’s exclusive Punaho School.  In his autobiography, Obama sneers at the wealthier students who invite him over to swim in their pool.  He misinterprets their suburban lives as cold and distant, though his own childhood is hardly the model of a great childhood.

He idolizes his absent father in faraway Kenya.  He meets him once when he’s 10 and is mesmerized by Senior’s storytelling abilities.  Obama only learns the truth about his father after the man is dead, having struck a tree while driving drunk.  Obama vows to take up his father’s anti-colonialist, collectivist cause and becomes a “community organizer.”  That is, to say, a political organizer for socialist and communist causes of collectivism, transferring the wealth from the hard-working suburbs to the inner cities, and even to poorer nations.

His community organizing activities get him elected to the Illinois Senate, then the U.S. Senate and finally the presidency, with the generous support of billionaire George Soros.  As president, Obama surrounds himself with Soros minions – Valerie Jarrett, Van Jones, David Axelrod, and others.  He creates an entirely separate cabinet of bureaucratic czars and goes about the business of instituting Stimulus’ packages, putting companies on corporate welfare, and thrusting upon an unwilling public the Affordable Health Care Act.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney follows in his father’s footsteps and becomes governor of a state – Massachusetts.  He also starts a successful business whose stock-in-trade is healing troubled companies and guiding those companies who can’t make it towards an organized end, where they pay off as much of their debt as possible before closing their doors.

Mitt Romney grew up in the heart of America, not on its fringes.  He and his wife Ann raised five sons here.  Our country is in financial trouble.  Some accuse Obama of being a Muslim, although it’s more likely he’s an atheist, like his mother.  Romney is a Mormon, a religion some people, especially Catholics, take issue with.  But Romney will defend the religious freedom of Catholics, where Obama will not.  Romney believes in God, at least; Obama believes he is God, or that the government is God.

Who do we want for president?  A lying carnival barker who hates white suburbia (you’d have no doubt if you read his first bio, “Dreams From My Father”), believes in redistributing your wealth, and dismantling the Constitution?  Or a solid American with a credible political background and knowledge of free trade and economics?

In his wake, Obama has brought along with him the Bearded Lady, the Fire-Eater, and the Dog-Faced Boy.  Let us put an end to this freak show administration and put a real leader who loves freedom in the White House.

This will be an interesting first debate, by the way, given the release of the 2007 video of Obama speaking at Hampton University, a black university in Virginia, where Obama, using a Southern accent, invokes racism.  He claims that Hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans were treated differently than 9/11 victims in New York and Hurricane Andrew victims in southern Florida, implying that the federal government’s slow response was somehow related to the fact that New Orleans is largely black and poverty stricken.   Obama also praised Rev. Jeremiah Wright heavily, calling him a “friendand a “mentor.”

Obama is a slick man of many accents and a menu of political stances tailored for different audiences.  His 2004 Democrat Convention keynote speech was an example of his outreach to white, independent voters, assuring them that he was filled with all-American virtues.  In 2007, he put on a different accent and gave a different speech for his mainly black audience at Hampton.

He’s probably practicing his suave, politician act for tonight’s debate.  He hasn’t used it in a while, so it needs some polishing.  Otherwise, he’d look foolish in comparison to the more sophisticated, urbane Romney.

You can take the actor out of the carnival barker but you can’t take the carnival barker out of the actor.  A familiar figure we haven’t seen since the 2008 campaign is going to show up tonight.  But don’t be fooled.  He’ll slip away again just as quickly, leaving you with an empty bottle of Obamacare Health Tonic.




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