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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Obama Believes in Free Distribution

Well, no kidding?  Anyone to whom this is news must have been living on another planet for about the last five years.  “I believe in the redistribution of wealth,” said he on the campaign trail for the presidency in 2008.  Not only does he believe in the Marxist theory of the redistribution of wealth, but so do his closest advisors and supporters:  David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett and her sugar daddy, George Soros.

He doesn’t just believe in the redistribution of wealth, but of people.  In 2009, David Rusk, the son of former Secretary of State (Kennedy/Johnson administrations) Dean Rusk, and Mike Kruglik, Obama’s former community organizing trainer, formed Building One America, of which the New Jersey Regional Coalition is a member, with Obama’s blessing.

The appalling thing about Obama’s 2012 campaign is the way he is courting Middle Class Americans.  All of a sudden, he’s in favor of Middle Class values.  Understand this:  he hates the Middle Class, as every good Marxist does.  His book, “Dreams from My Father” is filled with hatred of white people, and particularly suburban white people.

Rusk proposes an “annexation” of the suburbs surrounding the cities to recapture the wealth that escaped the cities during the “white flight”, to destroy the boundaries that ensure the safety of the middle class, and lure the jobs that followed them out into the suburbs back to the cities.

Myron Orfield was responsible for the regionalization of the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, targeting the “white enclaves” that were making it impossible for black children to learn properly (“Metropolitics:  A Regional Agenda for Community and Stability”). 

If you ever wondered how the Obamalites proposed to “redistribute the wealth”, look no further than the regionalization/annexation scheme.  Convince the suburbanites that it’s too costly and troublesome to run their own towns, and just let the “professional” urban planners (like Rusk and Orfield) take care of things.

Since the Socialists want to eviscerate all traces of Western civilization from the educational curriculum, just what will the poor little black children learn, sitting beside their white, suburban classmates?  When the little white child goes home, her parents are going to make her do her homework.  She’s going to see her role models reading or doing work they’ve brought home from the office.

Is the little black child going to go home to the same kind of environment?  Will her mother and father help her with her homework that night, read a bedtime story to her, or encourage her to read one?  Or will she go home to a house with a single mother, and half-siblings all sired by different men, none of whom are there?

If the black girl’s family has failed her, Obama says that we, Society, must pick up the slack, pay for her school lunch, her teacher’s salary, and the rent on the house.  The regionalists figure “helping” will seem less noxious to us if it’s only a few families in town, rather than a whole community of dysfunctional families clustered together in a ghetto.

That’s what my father, an arch conservative, suggested a generation ago.  But then came the school busing to the local high school.  Like the ships that arrived in Venice from the Levant, bearing the flea-bitten rats that carried the Plague into Europe, the buses unloaded a host of problems on our unsuspecting suburb:  lice, gangs, violence, crime, and unwilling students totally unprepared for and uninterested in a high school education.  The experiment was a failure and within a few months, the busing ended.

The companies and corporations that Obama loathes did a much better job of integration.  My former company located its new office in an area accessible both to urban and suburban workers.  No lice.  No gangs.  No violence.  Just people trying to make a living.  No one was “forced” to do anything, except maybe keep any racist nonsense harbored in their own breasts.  Who’s going to quit a good-paying job simply because your co-worker’s skin is a different color?

The urban minorities knew that if they wanted to keep their jobs, they had to shed the slum attitude.  White suburbanites knew that if they wanted to keep their jobs, they had to shun the racist nonsense of the past and understand that these were people just like them, educated, professional, and dedicated.

Still, at the end of the day, if they’d had enough of each other, they could still go home to the people they knew best, to their own neighborhoods, black or white.  The regionalists want to pull the black communities apart and scatter them across northern New Jersey.  If I were a black person, I wouldn’t be very happy about that.  They would be isolated and very likely exposed to the exact racism the Regionalists claim to be trying to cure.  That’s what happens to anyone of any color, creed, and nationality when they’re isolated from their community.

As for the white people, the crime they see on television in the ghettos is hardly exaggerated.  I’ve known teachers who’ve taught in the inner city, we’ve had friends who went to school in the inner city, and I worked for a time in New York City.  What better way to start your morning than being the lucky gal between two who got off the elevator first, escaping the robber who had joined us and robbed the second woman?

If both black and white people acknowledge that they would rather, for the most part, live apart, than what is this all about, other than bureaucrats getting their hands on the money of those who have it, and exchanging it for votes from those who don’t?  The regionalists proposal is a northern New Jersey filled with cities of no less than 100,000 people each.

You can imagine what that will do for freedom of speech and the political process.  If you think it’s hard to get to speak with your child’s principal or superintendent of schools now, in a little town of 7,500, like Bloomingdale, what’s going to happen when you have bureaucrats running huge cities?

New Jersey doesn’t need to be connected by Courage to Connect New Jersey (the meeting is tonight – and U.S. Senatorial candidate Joe Kyrillos is a proponent of regionalism) and Obama has no business deciding how our wealth is to be distributed.  When nobody among the electorate wants you to do something, such as regionalism, that’s exactly when you shouldn’t do anything.


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